The act of re-keying a lock is a tested and trusted means of improving or evolving your lock system. Re-keying serves a wide range of functions including making a set of locks share a common key, eliminating compromised keys, or building master-key systems. Today, we plan on looking into how re-keying can improve the security of the locks in your home or place of business. Visit Trinity and Sons Locksmith for more info!

The History of Re-keying

Re-keying has been a thing for the greater part of two hundred years. In 1836, Solomon Andrews, a New Jersey locksmith and inventor invented re-keying. He created a lock that had adjustable keys and tumblers, this allowed owners to rekey whenever they wanted. A couple of years later, Andrews and an inventor friend of his, Newell filed a patent for removable tumblers that could be taken apart and scrambled. This invention by Andrews and Newell created the foundation for what would be combination locks.

How to decide when to Re-key

Unless you’re the very first occupant of your property, you can never know how many people have lived in your current home and how many copies of your keys were made while previous occupants resided there. You know it’s time to rekey when you begin to feel unsafe about the history of your present lock system. If what you want is to be able to have peace of mind when it comes to the security of your home then you should definitely consider rekeying your locks. Fortunately, we live in the day and age where key cutting online is now possible with the right company.

The Correlation between Re-keying and Master Keying

If you own or operate a pin-and-tumbler lock then you should know that they can easily be re-configured to fit an already existing key as long as the keys design correlates with each other. This opens up a world of opportunities for you; you can add new locks to your business or place of residence without adding new keys to your ring. In order to create a master key system, you can have Trinity and Sons Locks - Charlotte, NC 24 Hour Locksmiths rekey your locks to achieve your aim.

The Science behind Re-keying

The process of re-keying is pretty straightforward for the most part when handled by a professional locksmith. In a lot of cases, the locksmith removes all or most of the pins from the cylinder, they then pick new lower pins that fit perfectly between the shear line and the key from a collection of replacement pins. By doing this, when the new key gets inserted, the upper pins get pushed above the shear line by the lower pins thereby freeing up the movement of the cylinder.

Re-keying with Trinity and Sons Locksmith

Re-keying your lock has never been this easy; if you live in or around Charlotte, NC then you can easily get your locks professionally re-keyed by Trinity and Sons Locksmith. They’ll not only give you top of the line craftsmanship; they’ll also ensure that all the materials used in re-keying your locks are made to last and withstand all that’s thrown at them. If you’re like most Americans, then re-keying might just be perfect for you.

Published by Mohsin Ahsan