I watched a show the other day in which a man on horseback was trying to track and catch two men on foot.  They were in the bush and the two men on foot were walking down a path when the tracker came up behind them and they bolted into the bush.  They thought they were running straight in the bush, away from the tracker.  In their haste they did not use the compass they had and actually ended up running in a circle.  They eventually came back to the path from which they had run.

    How often do you think you are headed to some goal only to find out you are running in circles?  I know I have.  I think I know where I am going and how to get there, but after a while I realize I’m going in circles and accomplishing very little.

    In the woods, to prevent going in circles, you need either a reference point to aim for, or a compass to show you the way.  The same is true in our daily lives.  We need either a reference point to aim at or a compass.

    If you use the Bible as your compass, not only will it keep you going in the proper direction, it will also give you a reference point at which to aim.

Published by Ray Richards