Not to long ago, I was listening to GOD TV and I heard a well know famous preacher telling his listeners we had to believe Jesus is our healer to be healed by Him. According to this preacher, to be healed we had to have faith in Jesus as our healer. This was not the first time I heard this in sermons. I had heard others well known names in christianity telling their listeners if you need money, believe Jesus to be your provider. All of this sounds biblical, it smells biblical but when you taste it you will soon discover it is not biblical. In fact it is wrong doctrine and a misunderstanding of the word of God. 


When preachers tell you things like that it sounds so good until you find yourself in a crisis. It is easy to believe and claim great faith in Jesus as your healer and provider as long as you are healthy and wealthy. But when your world collapses and everything crumbles around you, it becomes very difficult. And then it just adds to your burden when a preacher tells you the way to deal with your situation is just to have faith. How can you have faith in Jesus as your healer when you dont see any evidence of being healed, you just see your sickness? How can you have faith in Jesus as your provider when you dont see any money coming in, you just see a mountain of unpaid bills? When you are told you just have to have faith it becomes very difficult to live as a christian. I dont know for sure, but I would guess many people might have left christianity and their salvation because of it, they never measured up and they never had strong enough faith. 


Being a preacher myself, I know how important it is to show your listeners where the Bible confirms what you are saying. If you dont give them the bible verses it just becomes your personal opinion. But your job description as a preacher of the word of God is always to show what the Bible says, not you personal opinions. So what Bible verses is used by these preachers to substantiate their teachings about faith? Matth 9:28, 13:58 and Mark 6:5 is normally used by these preachers to substantiate their claims that you have to believe Jesus to be your healer to be healed. So lets look at these bible verses to see what the word of God really says. 


When Jesus was born He was born into a Jewish society culture and nation. The people He encountered each day knew God had promised the Messiah that would redeem Gods people. Jesus was and is the Messiah they where waiting for. If you read the Bible you see the Messiah is the son of David. In Matth 9:27 the two blind men calls out to Jesus and they addressed Him as the Son of David. Those two men knew and understood who Jesus was, they knew He was the promised Messiah, the lamb of God that had come to take away the sins of the world. So when Jesus in Matth 9:28 asks them if they believe He is able to give them their sight back He is not checking to see if they believe He could heal them. He is questioning their faith, asking to see if they really believed He was the Messiah the lamb of God. In Matth 9:29 they are healed because they believed in Jesus as the promised Messiah, not because they believed He could heal them. 


Words and expressions like Messiah can be difficult to understand sometimes, but let me try to rephrase this in a different way. The two blind men understood that Jesus was Gods sacrifice for human sin. They understood He would carry their sins. Because of this they where healed. They believed in Jesus Christ and Him crucified for their sins, that faith healed them and not their faith in Him as a healer.


In Mark 6:5 and Matth 13:58 Jesus visits His hometown. His ministry was rapidly growing and expanding, He had done a lot of miracles. But when He came to His hometown He could only heal some because of their lack of faith. I have heard several sermons, from well known preachers, telling their listeners the people in His hometown did not believe in Jesus as a healer. So their lack of faith in Him as a healer blocked their own healings. To make such a statement is borderline blasphemy because it makes us more powerful then God. There is actually a different and biblical explanation to this. 


When Jesus came to His hometown people knew Him from before. They knew His family, His siblings, His mother and foster father and they found it very difficult to believe what they had heard of Him was true. Their unbelief hindered them from coming to Him to be healed. Had they come, He would have healed them. 


Let me repeat myself, this is not a case of lack of faith in His ability to heal. The Bible does not say they came to Him and asked Him to heal them but because of their lack of faith He was unable to heal. But so many preachers today blaspheme the name of our Lord by making us believe they came to Him to be healed, but their lack of faith hindered Him from doing what He wanted to do. The fact is, they never sought Him out to be healed. He never forced Himself upon anybody. If they did not come to Him to be healed He never chased them down to heal them. They needed healing, but their lack of faith in Him hindered them from coming to Him. 


When Jesus heals He never asks us for faith in Him as a healer. It is true He is our healer, He is our provider and more. But He never asks us for faith in what He is able to do for us. He only asks us for faith in what He has already done for us. If we have faith in what He did for us at the cross, then He will give us everything else. If we believe He died for us, He will heal us, provide for us, protect us and give us everything else we need for this and the next life. 

And this makes it so much easier when life crumbles and you find yourself in a crisis. 


When you are struck with sickness, poverty or one of lives many crisis you dont have to struggle to have enough faith in Jesus as your healer and provider. You just have to believe He died for you, then He will do the rest. Then AND ONLY THEN will He heal you and meet your needs, and He will do so because of your faith in what He did for you. Matth 9:28,29.


So when life throws you for a loop and you find yourself in the midst of a storm, do not try to believe Jesus is your healer or your provider. Focus your faith instead on the cross, on Jesus dying for your sins, and then you will see miracle after miracle. Then you will see healing, provision, protection and guidance. If your faith is focused on Jesus dying for you He will be your healer, provider, protector and meet every need you have. 



Published by Apostle Ernie