I am a walking contradiction because I love being lazy but I find it so hard to sit still and do nothing. I probably can sit for about 5 minutes before I’ll have an itch to get off my ass and do something. I guess this is why I am a morning person. 

I am up roughly at 5am. Every. Single. Day. And yes, this is by choice. If you met me a year ago, you’ll know that I loved sleeping. I used to call it a night at 10pm. And whilst I didn’t wake up as early as I do now, my day would normally start about 7am. Including weekends.

Now, I have the worst insomnia in the world right now which I guess contributes to my early waking up habits. I sleep past 2am and I wake up at 5am. People moan at me for texting them back so early in the morning lol. I get on average three hours of sleep a night. Which for any sane human being is not normal or healthy. I do not take naps ever. I just find it incredibly hard to just relax and sleep. 

Lie ins do not exist in my life either. I don’t think I’ve ever got up past 8am in the past two years, which is relatively early in most people’s book. Once I am awake, I get irritated just lying in bed so I almost HAVE to get up and out of bead.

And whilst I shouldn’t be boasting that I sleep for such little hours (because it’s not funny, healthy or normal), I am proud to be a morning person. 

If you ever wake up early, early in the morning and sit outside, (I know this sounds incredibly sad but bear with me!) it just feel incredibly peaceful. If you’re someone who suffers from stress and/or anxiety, I would recommend doing this because it does relax you to some extent. There’s something about the morning sky that feels so calm and peaceful, and especially for me, living in a city like London, finding five minutes of peace and quiet is rare. 

Being a morning person means I get so much stuff done out of the way. I am able to go for a run, shower, make a good decent breakfast, catch up on emails, watch a load of crappy tv/youtube, do the laundry, write a couple of articles - all before 9am. It starts my day off to a good productive start. To me, if you start off productive, you’ll continue that mindset throughout the day. It also means the day is longer for me to go out and enjoy myself (of course, bad for my purse because I have longer time to do shopping!). My friends hate me because I am always suggesting to meet up at 9am to go shopping. None of them do of course, because they think I’m insane. 

Let’s face it, mornings are amazing. You are reenergised, happy and ready to face on the day. Whatever happened the day before is in the past and a new day is a new start. Life is too short to spend in bed sleeping. As my favourite saying goes, “Sleep when you’re dead.”

Published by Jessica Lam