Jonah 2 : Jonah Repents
From inside the fish, Jonah prays to the Lord HIS God. He acknowledges his descent – physically, emotionally and spiritually – and his need for the Lord’s help and salvation. He says of his situation : he’s in the depths of the grave, he’s in the pit, he sinks down to the roots of the mountains, his life is ebbing away. He says he’s in distress, he’s surrounded by waters and the currents swirl around him. He says he is banished from the Lord’s sight but he remembers the Lord. He acknowledges the Lord’s power and sovereignty.  The Lord commands the fish to vomit Jonah out and Jonah ascends to dry land.

Who do we cry out to in our distress and difficulties? What happens to Jonah when he cries out to the Lord? Taking courage from Jonah’s story, pray for the Lord’s help to see your situation through eyes of faith, that you will be ‘vomited’ out of your distressing situation.

Published by Sunsets Purple