We live in a society that encourages self confidence and a positive self image. We are encouraged to believe in ourself and to think positive and talk positive to ourself. A society like the one we are living in, that encourages to such a great extent our own ability to handle life, leaves little or no room for weakness and failures. If we fail at life in one way or the other, we are told to try harder, think more positive, just believe in ourself or we try to treat it with therapy and medication.

It shouldnt suprise us how the world we are living in right now encourages self confidence and a positive self image. It shouldnt suprise us how this world encourages us to focus on ourself and to handle life without God. The wery idea that we dont need God for everything was the reason for the fall of man. But it should suprise us, and concern us, when the church takes after the world.

The church is supposed to be a place for grace, a safe place to admit you have failed at life. Church is supposed to be place for you to be refilled with grace, grace from God to handle life. But what happens in church? We are told to handle life through methods used in the world. Psychology, or just to «try harder» and believe in yourself is the solutions the church offers us. There are not many churches that encourages their members to admit to failing at life, instead we are encouraged to live the victorius life by works. If we just read the bible more, pray more, tithe more, fast more, we will impress God. We are never told to appreciate the fact that our weakness is our greatest strength. (2.Cor 12:9)

Nowhere in the bible are we encouraged to believe in ourself. The Bible says there is nothing good in ourself, and everything we do is a sin in the eyes of God. Our Bible reading is a sin, our tithing is a sin, even our prayer life is considered a sin in the eyes of God. The only way for us to make us acceptable to God, to make us righteous and His children is through faith. Faith in the death of Jesus Christ on a cross for our sins. (2.Cor 12:9, Rom 3:10, 3:22)

Our relationship with God is based on our righteous faith and never on our works. But from a righteous faith comes a genuine desire to read the Bible, pray and support Gods work financially. When we read, pray and tithe with a righteous faith, those things does not become a sin in by itself. Instead they become valuable tools to help us grow as Gods children.

When we know that God has already jugded everything we do as a sin it is easy to see why we are never encouraged to believe in ourself. Believing in ourself and our own ability would be believing in sin and sinful things that God jugdes, things that angers God. So we quickly come to the realisation that the worlds solution to handle life is a sin, something God will never accept. But when we see our true condition as sinners, and we look at the cross, we suddenly discover our true value as humans. We didnt deserve it, but the Son of God Jesus Christ loves us so much that He volunteered to become our sin sacrifice. ( John 3:16) The true self confidence and self image doesnt come from the worlds methods, it comes from understanding the cross and understanding just how valuable you are to God and how much He loves you.

But with this understanding it also becomes obvious that weakness is a good thing in the eyes of God. Admitting to have failed in life, not being able to handle life is encouraged in Gods word. (2.Cor 4:7, 12:9) So whatever happens in your life, we are encouraged not to look at our ourself and our ability to handle life. Everything, from waking up in the morning to handling a sudden crisis in life, we are to admit to our inability to handle this by ourself and look to the cross. If we dont do this, then our actions will instead provoke Gods wrath and jugdment. (Rom 3:10)

We also have to remember that we are engaged in a spiritual war. This war never ends as long as we are alive on this earth. We have an opponent that is already defeated by the cross, but he still has access to heaven. He is not allowed to do what he wants, but he is allowed to do something. Sin and unrighteousness attracks him more then anything else. He knows that sin gives him an extended permission to do what he wants to that individual. So when God has said that all faith outside of the faith in the cross is a sin, satan is especially drawn towards christians who have fallen from grace by choosing to put their faith in something else then the cross. (Eph 6:12, Romans 14:23)

So everytime a believer chooses the ways of the world to handle life, he or she becomes a target for the devil because he has been granted special access to people who choose sin over righteousness.

But everytime a believer chooses to put his or her faith in the blood of Jesus Christ and His death on a cross, the devil has to flee. (Rev 12:11)

We are promised victory over the devil, sin in our own life and life in general IF we choose to believe in one thing and one thing only: The death and the blood of Jesus Christ.

So we understand it is a good thing to admit not to handle life. It is a good thing to admit we have failed at life and to admit we dont have it in ourself to handle what ever life throws at us. But we must not stay there in defeat, we have to change our focus from not handling life and looking at the one who has done it all for us – Jesus Christ. (2.Cor 12:9, 4:7, Rev 12:11)

So it is obvious then that the only thing we need to live as a child of God is the blood of Christ, His death for us. How would your life look like if you suddenly didnt need anything but the blood for everyday life and living?

Life wouldnt suddenly become a bed of roses. You would still have everyday lifes challenges and trials. Some days would be worse then others, but in the midst of it all, you would have no fear, no stress, and nothing to worry about. Because you would know that due to your faith in the blood, you have the victory already. (Rev 12:11, 2.Cor 4:7-18)

But to live this life you have to choose each day to fight the good fight of faith. When you wake up in the morning, you have to choose to focus your mind on the blood of Christ. When the doctor tells you that you have cancer, you have to choose to focus your mind on the blood of Christ. When the bank decides to foreclosure on your house, you have to focus your mind on the blood of Christ. This is how we fight the good fight of faith, how we walk by faith and not by sight. God never does this for you, you have to be the one who makes the choice to do this. But if you do, God will reward you by blessing you, fighting for you and providing for you. ( 1.Tim 6:12, 2.Cor 4:18, 5:7, Deut 28:1-13)

I dont know what your situation is, you might be fighting depression, cancer, divorce or financial troubles. And I know that whatever it might be, you have probaly been told several different ways to solve your situation.

If you have followed this online church for some time, you would know my story. You would know how my wife and I sinned financially some years ago, and now we are suffering the consequences. God has forgiven us a long time ago, but the consequences are still there. These teachings in this church are born out of experience. I am just much preaching to myself to help me to cope with my situation as I am preaching to you, to help you cope with your situation.

So before I close today I would just like to share a short testimony to show how todays teaching can be put into practice.

I have a normal job besides this ministry that is my income, my way to support myself and my familiy. That is the main reason why I dont use my real name, because my current employer would not accept this ministry and would probaly fire me. And I need the income, but its my prayer to be released from this job soon so I can begin to use my real name.

My wages have been garnished for some years now because I have not been able to pay back all my debt. Luckily I live in a country with a law that protects me, so the colletion agency can never take all of my wages. They have to leave enough for me each month to support myself and my family. And so far it has been tight, but we have managed.

Many years ago I studied for a BMA in theology. To finance my education I had to take a student loan from the government. As with all student loans it was quite large, and now when my wages are garnished, I am unable to pay it back. Because this was a government loan the government becomes the collection agency and they have a legal right to take money directly from my bank account. They have to obey the same laws as the rest of the collection agencies, they have to leave enough each month so I can support myself and my family. But sometimes, a goverment collection agency doesnt communicate with the rest of the collection agencies.

Two days ago, on Saturday, I got a letter in the mail from the government informing me they had decided to take a large amount of money from my banking account. With my wages already garnished, the amount they would end up taking would be the rest of my money. So I would have nothing left to support myself and my family.

Nothing happens in my country on a saturday, and this would not go into effect until thursday this week. So I decided to write them today (which I also did) and inform them I would have nothing left to support myself and my family if they went through with their decision. So now I am waiting for their reply, which hopefully will come before thursday.

If this had happened two years ago, I would have panicked when I got that letter. I would have freaked out in a way, and my weekend would have been ruined because I would spent both saturday and sunday worrying, planning, stressing. Of course I would have prayed, knowing that Jesus is my Jehova Jireh, my provider. But nothing would have helped (and I speak from experiencing when I say nothing would have helped)

This time I didnt panick. This time I didnt stress out, freak out and ruine my weekend. I read the letter, and when I did I felt fear approaching. But instead of giving into fear I remembered Rev 12:11 and I decided to focus my mind on the blood of Jesus and His death. The fear that was approaching litteraly vanished and it was replaced by peace. The letter didnt vanish, my circumstances didnt change. I didnt have any problems having faith in Jesus as my Jehova Jireh, my provider. I didnt struggle with my faith, it was, (and still is), easy to believe that Jesus is my provider and He will provide a solution to this. So all during the weekend I settled my mind in the truth, that if I have the blood of Jesus I have everything I need because I then have His death for me. I dont need anything else but the blood of Jesus. That one truth made the weekend wery enjoyable.

Let me repeat myself, my circumstances did not change. Money did not magically appear on my bank account. But in the midst of the trial I had peace, joy and a deep sense of faith in Jesus as my provider. I didnt try to solve the situation by myself, I still prayed and I prayed with a deep faith in the blood of Christ. I didnt hear Jesus telling me what would happen, but I knew it is none of my concern because He is my provider.

So what I am trying to say is this: Each and every teaching in this church is tried, tested and true by myself. I have lived, and I live these teachings and I can testify that they work. But they dont work because of me, or me being an apostle. I have nothing to do with it, except that I learn from them myself and I share what I have learned with you. These teachings work because the cross of Christ is the only answer to lifes problems and challenges.

Published by Apostle Ernie apostleernie@outlook.com