Black. Brown. Green. White.

What do I do with this thing called life?
So deadly, so fierce. Our passions arising.
I pause and ask myself. Do we all have a chance?

Blue. Yellow. Orange. Cream.
Maybe it's a dream. Maybe I'm still alive.
I did raise my hands. Isn't that how it seemed?

Red. Danger.
I'm walking with fear.
Black. Colour.
Maybe I need some fire.

I take a step forward. And take 2 steps back.
'Cos when I move forward, I don't see my colour.
All I see is red. Danger. White. Danger

Scared to move now. There's danger all around.
Black. Yep. I'm heaven bound!

But must this be the norm?
Should colour cause a storm?

Purple! Pink! Grey! Turquoise!
It really doesn't matter!
Away with all the noise!

Why must colour, be a barrier?

Orange. Blue. White. Candles.
Oh no it's too late. We lost another man.

Alton. Sterling. Philando. Castile.
Two great men. Snatched away by colour?

Grey. Black. Fire. Ashes.
Too late they're all gone.
Too late. We need reforms.

*In loving memory of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile*


Published by Afro Poz