When  life's kicking your ass, what do you do? Where do you go? Thinking I would just be taking a nap, I ended up in a place called Verdict, with a welcome sign that read, "Thought it wouldn't come back around? Haha, good one" What the hell? This has to be a joke. As I'm looking around, I'm on a bus similar to a GreyHound, filled with people and everyone has a slip in their hand with codes that I couldn't make out. Starting to panic I'm looking at the passengers for a familiar face when I caught the attention of this man. He was cute as hell if you can get passed the fact he had no ears. He smiled at me probably thinking "what the hell is wrong with this girl" I cracked a smile and dropped my head embarrassed. My mind is racing trying to figure out what's going on? Where was I and where it is I'm going? I'm wearing chucks with workout pants and a sports bra but my hair is down. Okay, I can rule out the gym since I'm lazy as hell. Where ever I was going, I wanted to look cute because my hair is down.
"Hello left side passengers and to the right, Good riddance. This is your Bus Driver, wanting to let you know we'll be arriving to your destination shortly. In about 2 miles we'll be arriving at the first stop where right side passengers will exit. I asked that everyone on the left please remain seated. Right side passengers, at some point in your life you decided to take a life. Whether you murdered someone, had an abortion, bullied someone who committed suicide or committed suicide yourself, your time has come to face them."
 I'm watching right side passengers frantically pray as if it's not too late and attempt to open the windows that are clearly shut and locked with a gate in front of them when I hear someone call out my name. Now I'm back looking like a schizophrenic trying to find out who.
 "SHY! BACK HERE SHYLAH!!" I turn around to discover my best friend Jordy in the last seat on the left side.
"Here in Verdicta we're all about reaping what you sow and righting your wrongs. Your victims have been patiently waiting for you and we can all agree they're owed an apology. I'm sure they have some questions as well, and unless you want Shaytan dragging your ass straight to hell you'll answer everyone of them." Continued the driver.
I'm trying to keep an eye on Jordy and listen to the bus driver but it's hard with all the sobbing from regretful killers. Thinking to myself, not only that Jordy never killed anyone but I why are these murders crying? Are they really sorry or sorry they're paying for it? Then it hit me, he just said straight to hell. Where the f*ck am I?
"During your visit, the decider will come and ask you to make a decision of giving either your life or the life of one of your own for your victim. Depending on your choice, you'll be on the next bus to Consequencesa or a first class ticket to your new loft in the pits of hell. Choose wisely! Bon Voyage, better you than me, have a safe burn." Chuckles the bus driver as the bus stops. Enraged at the driver's sense of humor, my heart is racing. Scared for my innocent best friend, I feel so hopeless because I don't know what to do. The second the doors opened demons came on handcuffing and zip tying left side passengers quicker than Maury guest running backstage. Outside the bus I see long picnic table where the victims were sitting, looking very lively. I'm starting to get a migraine trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Am I dead? As the driver steps back on the bus and prepares for the next stop, I see a man at the end of the table who I know, but cant figure out where from. As Jordy takes the seat in front of him, it hit me. Fighting back tears, I'm watching Jordy face the serial rapist john who attacking us a year back. Why aren't I sitting down there? Why'd they assume she did it. UGH! Maybe we should have gone to the police.
"Next stop, Evadeville" Announces the bus driver. "Most of you should have gotten off at the last stop, but you were too smart. Lucky you. When we stop, your guardian angel will be waiting for you. They'll check you lucky bastards in and hopefully I never have to see you nut jobs again. Again the next stop, Evadeville and we'll be arriving there in about 20 mins."
Guardian Angle, hopefully? In a complete panic now, I begin fighting to wake myself up. This is a dream right? It has to be, it better be. Outside my window I see a billboard that reads, "The one that got away, has the most hell to pay" and my heart stops. I sink In my seat pinching myself. Come on Shy, wake the hell up. 

Published by ShylahBoss Lee