Fog is swivelin’ and twistin’, grabbin’ at my ankles,

Wind is eerily quiet as if holdin’ its breath,

Crunchy leaves beneath my feet are munchin’ my heart ‘way from my toes,

Eyes of the jungle are bathin’ my body.

Vulnerable is my feelin’, fright is my shadow.

Road is never endin’,

Youth is drivin’ nigh,

Lost is my years at the workshop of lie.

Treacherous hours are past,

Dragging clutches time hast.

Life is this or a dream,

All seem but a gleam.

Must ‘way,

This graspin’ hopeless ray.


Dustish heavy plains won’t open,

The light is gone,

As for my fadin’ bodily cane.

Marish nights arrive,

Find me lying ‘ground,

No body, no bone, no flesh of heft,

But a breeze have I left in my tomb.

Published by Zohre Baghban