Money does not stop at 5 PM Friday.  In fact, it probably flows just as happily even if it is more on the personal rather than business side of life for many.  Butterflies fly all of the time during their short life span.  I know, as a solo entrepreneur, that I show up all of the time with butterflies and money.  As a transitional financial coach, I am always going through transformations — the symbol of a transformation is the butterfly, and I am always dealing with money, personally and professionally.  I have to show up for all circumstances ready to be, ready to help, ready to transform.

And that makes me happy.  It puts me in the flow on all counts.

Yes, I have a plan for happiness.  This morning I am in my pajamas before I go off to spend the day with several clients:  one going through a career and residence transition while the other one continues through her divorce transition on to a new career.  Both of these clients are solo entrepreneurs like me.  I work alone.  But I am never lonely.  If I begin to have cabin fever, I pick up and move my office to a happy place.  I can go to the gym, and I do.  I can plug in at the local coffee shop, and there are many.  Or I can play hooky, and, yes, I do, especially  on the weekend.  And that takes discipline; it takes discipline to be happy!  

I have a routine, and I stick to it until I just cannot focus on doing that.  Then I change the routine or use my essential oils that help me focus.  But it is all a part of being happy!  TO be honest, I am disciplined to be happy.  I am disciplined to be in the flow

Published by Janice Marie