Happy Friday everyone and welcome to this weeks installment of In The Garden.  This week not much has happened by way of gardening, the hubby has been working out of town and it has been so very hot when I get home all I have wanted to do was crawl into our house and under a fan.  I tell you deciding to change the garden mid summer was a really dumb idea, we have been working on getting the walkway done for about 3 weeks now and in this heat nothing else is getting done - aside from watering what did get planted.

With that said we have started the walkway and it's been rather successful, so I though I would share with you what we've done.  
When we first had everything measured we were hoping to have 2.5 stones per row but there was a miscommunication with the gardener that was helping us and when we came home the boards were set. So two stones and a small one it will be.  We tried to level out the ground below the walkway as best as we could, then picked up some leveling sand to bring it up to the top of the board. Quick side note you will need almost twice as much sand as you think you do - although if you use a calculator, we did not, you probably will have a better idea of what you need.
Next up I want to show you our "grease trap"  My husband utilizes or driveway to the fullest, helping out friends, working on our own vehicles or fixing up Junkers to sell.  On top of that he is not the cleanest guy when it comes to spills, I wanted to make sure we had a good barrier between the driveway and the garden, and something that wouldn't stain our walkway (which happened previously with our pea gravel and stepping stones).  Our solution - a 4 inch section of lava rocks with landscaping fabric underneath, it's cheap and easy to swap out when things get too gross.
Currently we're placing stones up the walkway, we got these free from a friend that had an overage for his project and I have to say they're really pretty and I'm sure they were expensive.  We're going to have to borrow a tile cutter to fill in at the bottom below our water meter, but we'll jump off that bridge later.  Lastly we'll be getting some of the plyometric sand to push into the joints and solidify everything.  Even with the stones solidly in place I can see them moving around a bit as we walk over them. 
I hope you've enjoyed our progress, what garden projects are you working on at the moment?

Published by Sarah Kirkland