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Last week we talked about putting planter boxes together,  if you'd like to read that post click here. Now that we have our boxes together it's time to start planting right?  But what do you plant? And that my friends leads to the biggest stall tactics of any beginner or novice gardener.  This time before the boxes even went in I started thinking about what I wanted to do with the front garden.  I've been worrying about the neighbors reaction to ripping out our traditional yard, and I didn't want to upset them more by planting weird veggies, even though some might end up out there with the back out of commission.  I also wanted to make sure it was not only functional but nice to look at (not so hard in the garden world) and on top of all that - low maintenance (as much as a garden can be) and it has to give me a bang for my buck!  That's a lot of work to put in to just 96 square feet.

To start with I decided I liked the idea of having my herbal gardens in the front, most of these plants flower, they like a lot of sun and with a little strategy will not sent the neighbors into a fit about the look.  In the front of the yard I decided to plant French lavender - it grows into a really nice bush, and once it matures it will form a nice break from the sidewalk.  

Along  the side with the neighbors we have a flimsy fence - I found a beautiful vine, when searching for the lavender and decided that would be a great addition to creep along the fence and fill in any of the gaps without taking over the entire area.  I had planned on just throwing down some wild flowers in that area and calling it good but once we went to the Nursery all bets were off.  Steve and I both love lemons and limes and it seamed a crime not to have them planted in our garden, so up went one of each, I love the look of hibiscuses, and thought it would be a great focal point for the center of the edge and lastly some beautiful poppies and sunflowers to round things out.   I think I'm going to pull back up the fabrics in that area and again plant wild flowers to fill in but for now I just need the poor things to take root before the gopher kills them off.

Up next will be adding mint along the side of the house - to keep the weeds down and an aloe plant into the mix.....somewhere, and hopefully transplanting my hydrangea to the bed next to the large maple! Swinging around to the actual boxes, I'm still a ways from planting in that area so, I'm filling in the areas around for now.  But there will be 3 different herb gardens when I'm done, one for the kitchen (of course) one for medicinal herbs (all very basic) and one for beauty -  know it sounds strange but you'd be surprised how many things grow in your garden that you can use in your daily beauty routine. 

We're deep into putting the walkway and grease trap in,  expect a post on that shortly!  

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