Every day, mommy and I spend some time in the kitchen together. Mommy says I have a very important job. I am the supervisor. I’m not sure what a supervisor is supposed to do. But whatever they do, I’m sure I’m doing it right.

Mommy empties the dishwasher. First the cups and plates and then the cutlery. All the big stuff gets put away last. The pots and pans make funny noises when mommy stacks them in the cupboard. They are loud! I can be loud too. I show mommy how loud I can be. Mommy thinks I’m being funny and she says she can be funny too. Mommy makes a silly sound. That is funny! I giggle.

Now that the dishes are put away, mommy cleans. She has paper towels. I want to touch the paper towels and mommy lets me. I want to eat the paper towels, but mommy takes them away. I wanted to eat that! Give it back! I yell loudly. Mommy opens the drawer, pulls out a strange object, and she puts it in my hands. Is this for eating?

Baby with a measuring cup

I’m helping!

I chew on the strange object and watch as mommy sweeps the floor. Mommy makes up a funny song and she dances with the broom. Mommy is in a silly mood. I laugh out loud. Mommy tickles my foot! I kick my feet and laugh louder. Mommy says I’m such a good supervisor and she gives me kisses. I pretend that I don’t like kisses, but my grin gives me away. There’s no fooling mommy.

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Mommy pulls something new out of the refrigerator. This I’ve never seen before. It’s green and funny looking. Mommy washes it in the sink and puts it on a cutting board. She calls it broccoli as she cuts the tops off and puts them in the steamer. Mommy says I’ll be trying broccoli for the first time today. That will be my dinner. I hope it tastes like oatmeal.

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