We have all felt the turmoil in the world for quite some years now, but only now are we feeling the insecurity and fear deep within us all on a grand scale, as more and more of us realise everything that we held dear, familiar and stable is falling down around us. However... as our old systems and ways of being collapse, we can recognise that they have all been built on a foundation of greed, power and untruth. We can understand that they will never be able to provide us with what we all desire... peace, love and freedom.  So what do we do? Surely we cannot continue to feel the insecurity and fear within... that seeps deep into our physical Body and Mind and make us miserable and sick.

Somehow, like myself, you have to allow your own life story, to bring you in touch with the LOVE you truly are at your core being, this will help you make sense what is naturally happening to us all and Mother Earth herself and allow you to trust your own guidance to bring you step by step to releasing all your fears, pains and insecurities and begin to focus your intention away from life circumstances and onto how you desire to live a magnificent, abundant and fulfilled life, in a loving and joyful community in the future.

My self-realisation truly began in the Spring of 2013 when Tom and I were in America visiting our children and grandchild, and my body began showing signs of extreme sensitivity and discomfort. So much so that it wiped the smile of my face and I began to want to spend ALONE time with myself. I spent a lot of time in meditation; focusing on my inner world and reading self-help books that came to me in a synchronistic way.

Catching the Bug of Synchronicity 

Synchronicities are those moments of “meaningful coincidence” when the boundary dissolves between the inner and the outer. At the synchronistic moment, just like a dream, our internal, subjective state appears, as if materialized in, as and through the outside world. Touching the heart of our being, synchronicities are moments in time in which there is a fissure in the fabric of what we have taken for reality and there is a bleed through from a higher dimension outside of time. Synchronicities are expressions of the dreamlike nature of reality, as they are moments in time when the timeless, dreamlike nature of the universe shines forth its radiance and openly reveals itself to us, offering us an open doorway to lucidity.

In particular I was helped by a DreamWalk to the Earthbound Realms from Adamus of the Crimson Circle and Heather Carlini's book How Solar Flares help YOU evolve. From my Human perspective it was all a horrible experience, but it brought me down on my knees and I could release much of my old baggage, fears and insecurities. This allowed me to truly realise just what life and myself was all about... Me, My Magnificent Self as the creator, LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE and how I can create my own future. I must of had a lot of baggage because I still today continue to release, but at least I don't allow it to interfere with my creation.

You can read my old blog posts I wrote at the time in detail...

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I have blogged much more about my Awakening, Integration and living an Joyful and Enlightened life during the last few years and last November 2015 I published my first book Your Magnificent Self... A Journey To Freedom that recalls my whole journey discovering Who IAM and What Life is Truly ALL About.

Enjoy reading and here's to you re-discovering your true self...

Barbara Franken... MasterCreator
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Barbara's story is a magnificent LOVE story between her Divine and Human selves... who find each other after many years and become ONE. It is a magical journey that begins with her question Who am I. The more she explores, the more aware she becomes and her mind grows quiet, this allows her to perceive nine Elemental Beings who remind…




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