Both coming from an ethnic background, we understand how difficult it is to just be able to do what other kids your age are allowed to do. From having friends over, or being able to have sleep overs, and even go to the shops with a group of friends. To this very day, I (Merry) still get scolded and, at times, a little discouraged (this is not a dig at my parents whatsoever). We will mention a few life events that we experienced whilst being raised in such tradition, hoping to change your perspective on your own parents’ parental decisions, and putting yourself in their shoes.

If there’s one thing that can totally change your perspective about your parents, it is the fact that they were once your age. We know, so strange to think that they were once defiant youths. Be mindful that they would’ve experienced similar things to what you have or will eventually go through. They have their funny way of protecting us, and at times, it can be incredibly frustrating. But do remember that it is out of love. Wanting to make sure that we have the very best, which from my experience, felt diminishing of who I felt I wanted to become as an individual. When I knew deep down I didn’t want to pursue a certain career (which was my entire life plan whilst growing up)...

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