I've watched both the Republican and Democrat debates this election season, and to me its looking more and more like a blood sport rather than a modern day debate. Last night Chuck Todd, introducing the candidates and setting up the broadcast, sounded more like something of WWE than CNN with intense run downs of the recents jabs and pokes each candidate has laid on the other and defining the strategy and landscape for a healthy battle plan for each of the Presidential Hopefuls. And this is all in prep for the BIG Game! No not the super bowl, but the run up to November when at least half of America would be more than welcoming to see a Banana Republic Style Power transfer from Obama to Trump or anyone else carrying a 2nd Amendment banner spouting "Kill the Gays".

And that's the problem, Anyone can make America happy right now and that is why you're seeing Trump and Sanders moving farther into the leaderboard territory than anyone ever thought possible.

Truth be told, it occurred to me last night while watching Hillary and Martin and Bernie flogging each other over health care and who wanted more of the 100% of Americans covered by health insurance at some time in the future for some undisclosed price tag and some metamorphic manner. Everybody on the Dems side says it needs to be done, and it does, but I believe that it will happen about as much as I believe Obamacare covered 18 Million people who otherwise wouldn't have health insurance. It's a Fairy Tale.

Im one of those 18 Million. I pay $150 every month to my insurance company, Because Obama says I have to. But what he didn't say was you actually have to see a Doctor. Because that's not included in my plan. I just have to pay the bill, but no one will allow me to see a Doctor because visits, shots, vaccinations, check ups and all the other bells and whistles of health care is not included in my particular brandy new Obama care health plan. So do I believe any one is gonna do what they say they are gonna do? Not really.

And if I don't believe any of the people who are running, why should I care about who is running? I don't really, but as the old adage goes, "Any Port in the Storm"  I suppose.

I think a good chunk of America is just as shell shocked as I am from the Hope and Change of Obama. Maybe it wasn't all his fault that nothing got done to help me over the last eight years, maybe he had the best intentions. He is after all only the most powerful man in the World, but he can't be expected to make my life any better right? My income still went down, my home was still foreclosed on, my health insurance went from expensive voluntary to expensive mandatory and my mom's social security check got cut. My life and that of my family did not improve in the last 8 years, and quite frankly I have never seen a ray of sunshine from the US Economy since I was born in 1976. It's been a pretty steady slide into the ditch since the day my Daddy had a glint in his little eye and it has never gone up. Maybe in the Clinton years, we had a stabilization of the descent, but just prior and just after, the plunge of  Middle America took up a breathtaking pace and it seems our velocity into the depths of the low income masses is picking pace on a most terminal rate.

So when The Donald says the sky is falling, there are a lot of people in this country who couldn't agree more. And when Bernie says the system is broken, I have to say he is right as rain, and Ive been in the desert for a very long time.

Could Hillary or Martin or Jeb or Chris or Marco do the job? Sure. They could certainly help us keep our slide on, and bury the middle class. But do I have to vote to put them up there and contunue the establishment trend of screwing the middle class? No way.

Is Bernie or Donald the best candidate. Donald is a dick and Bernie is a Dinosaur. But you know what they are saying the things i am thinking. Its rigged, its broken, its burning down and its not a good thing. So when Hillary clambers about how GRRRRRREREAT Obamacare is, I know she just doesn't get what the rest of us get- we will not be any happier and cannot believe in another establishment candidates lies anymore than we believe that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and Hope and Change were on the way in 2004 or  again in 2008. I also don't believe that putting the wife of the man who asked how to define the word "IS" is the best option we have and the guy that shut down traffic in New Jersey to make political points is not the guy either. And all the other guys and girls seem to care more about what's going on in your bedroom, than what should be happening in the Wall Street Conference room.

So with an admittedly disappointing class of candidates to chose from, I go with the one thing I know. A Baboon with no knowledge of the issues and a pension for flinging his crap at the walls could do a better job than the people who are doing it right now. And so I don't care if you're in favor of Single Payer or Modification of Obamacare. I don't care if you think Syria should be invaded or the Muslims should clean up their own mess. And I don't care, if student loan rates go down, a wall is built in Mexico or we say we are going to deport 11 Million immigrants. Why don't I care? Cause it ain't gonna happen no matter who runs. It's all bluster and no substance.

They will say whatever we want to hear to get our vote. And when it all comes down to it, the system still wont work, the change will not happen and life as we know it will continue to get suckier and suckier as this great American experiment goes farther and farther off the rails.

So with that all said, I will vote if I am allowed. As an independent I don't get a voice in the American Party system. So whomever you Democrats and Republicans pick, I will pick the lesser of the two evils. But rest assured, the candidate I will pick will sound decidedly different than anything we have heard before. And I don't care which party he comes from, I just care that he does something, anything, different than what we have been doing for the last 50 years without a course change and without improvement.  But the really scarey part, is a whole bunch of American's agree with me and the Donald is still out there.  You decide. 




Published by Christopher Richard