Jeremiah has often been nicknamed the “weeping prophet” and rightly so. He wept for his people, for his nation and for himself. He was given the preview of what lay ahead and it brought him to his knees in prayer and in tears. God revealed to him the crux of the problem: the people only knew “about” God but did not “know” God. Today the problem has become even more complex because men/women are being torn apart by the world’s philosophy that one is known by their wisdom, power, and riches. Yet of all three not one will gain you a foot into heaven for these are fleeting.

God reminded Jeremiah that wise people should not boast in their wisdom, nor powerful people boast in their power, nor rich people boast in their riches but “IF” they want to boast it should be this: “They should boast that they understand and know me.” [Jer 9/2Cor 10] And the only way you can understand and know God is to immerse yourself in gleaning truth which comes from His Word for it is inspired by Him to “teach us, reprove us, correct us, and train us in righteousness.” [2Tim 3:16] We must study to show ourselves approved unto God so we can teach the word of truth accurately. [2Tim 2:15] Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man comes to the Father by Him. [Jn 14:6] When we take that step we will start on a journey to “know” God and His character of “faithfulness/lovingkindness; fairness and justice.” [Jer 9] And this brings God great delight!

Do you like Jeremiah weep for your people, for your nation because they do not "know" God but only "about" God? Secondly, What are you boasting in--God or man made ideas and ways?


Published by Gaye Austin