“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

I believe, self-confidence is very important and you need to learn to maintain it! It doesn't come easy - especially if you (like I used to) let others "mess with your head"! It is very important to pay attention to criticism; learn and grow at all times - but you need to be careful of who you trust and to whom you'd listen! 

"Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend" 

For genuine people, it's hard to understand that some people would only show up just to find out more - not to help but either to judge or to gossip about you - behind your back...We are all different, so I guess, we need both - and all sorts! The problem is when you start feeling low because you let the above mentioned "Judas-type" stay around you...If you are not like them, don't mix with them - because you will be like them! We are all influenced by our environment, so if you have many "fake" people around you, that will start taking its toll on YOU. This is when you need to run as fast and far as you can...

Real friends are there to support, not to suck the life out of you...On the other hand, you must never lose your trust in "humanity" just because you've come across some "bad ones" - everyone has their own story and we must never judge people based on only some parts of their lives...There may be a lot going on "beneath the surface"...But is it your job to care? Remember, you can only help someone if they accept it! Why should you risk your own (mental) wellbeing if the other person is not even appreciating your effort? What's the point to care about someone who has never really cared about you?

So how can you tell "real" and "fake" friends apart? It's dead easy! You will never get honesty and loyalty from the "second group", but that is exactly what the "first ones" are continuously giving you! I think, it's something that only time will tell, as it can only be proved through "thick and thin"... Also, watch people's actions, how they treat others? And, for God's sake, stop giving too many "second chances" - once someone showed you, they are not worth it, you have to give up on them - however hard it may be - and move on!

You need to learn to enjoy solitude! That's how you can get to know your best friend, the person who is responsible for your happiness and will make you successful! And if you'd like to know who that is, go and find a mirror - as this is your own self! This sounds like a cliche, but it's "truer than true", as, - as we know - "no-one is youer than you"! So, are you good enough? Believe you are, then you will be! Start living the life of your dreams - go for what you want! No-one said it would be easy...but if everyone says it's worth it, why not try at least? The answer lies in your own hands....


Published by Kati(e) Mesfy