With over 400 million users, the popularity of Instagram as a social media platform is undoubted. For digital marketers, the question has been; how well can this platform be used to promote various products and services? Well, several answers are available and the steady rise of Instagram as a marketing platform is a clear indication.

On the side of web developers, there have been questions too. How can one incorporate Instagram in web design? You explore multiple options based on what works best for an individual or organization. Let’s consider some of them.

Adopt the e-commerce approach

Many people would hurriedly conclude that Instagram is not optimised for e-commerce. However, web designers have shown that all it takes is creativity to synergize e-commerce and Instagram. It is true that linking each post to the particular product on the e-commerce site is not available for now but that doesn’t stop a determined web designer from finding a way out.

From your clickable profile description link, you can direct your real Instagram followers to your products page, where they can make direct purchases. Notably, this approach only takes a single click. With just that, potential clients will be able to buy the products they might have sighted on Instagram.

Incorporate strategic Instagram button

Someone might probably be asking; isn’t this too obvious? Well, the aspect of including social media icons is obvious but that of incorporating them at strategic locations is not. Many web designers blindly include Instagram icons on websites without figuring out how easy it will be for the icon to achieve the marketing goals of the involved company. The Instagram icon should be at the top, bottom or at the side of your homepage.

It is important that the Instagram icon remains in the navigation even as the user moves down the page, interacting with the contents of your site. Have it somewhere that would prompt action from the visitors without necessarily intimidating them.

Embrace minimalistic approach

It is important that you make posts on your site easily shareable. If a user likes your photos, she should be able to share it out so easily with her friends. However, some brands misinterpret that to simply littering the website with Instagram share buttons. Before adding such a share button, you should carry out a thorough soul-searching and assess if its addition will be of any significance. This should apply to all the other web design features as well. Keeping the website simple, especially the landing page linked to your Instagram profile gives visitors an easy time interacting with your site. Most importantly, they will be proud associating with your brand without feeling coxed.

Integrating Instagram and web design is a simple process if handled in the right way. There are multiple tools at your disposal which you can use to achieve the same. The idea is to keep trying and to embrace dynamism even as you stick to what works!

Published by Harris Scott