Productivity is a major goal of every economy! It is in the best interest of every employer to have it at the highest possible level. That’s why many of them pay attention to details. One of the most important things is the working space.

Maybe you haven’t thought much about it, but when you spend 8 hours every day in the same room, you get influenced by your surroundings – by that same room. People have realized that in the past and found that there is a connection between productivity and workspace conditions. That is the reason why many companies invest in the working environment. The goal is to increase satisfaction among their employees and, at the same, time their productivity.

There are a few things you must look for when you are making your working environment. Here are some advice you might take into consideration if you want to make the most productive working space.


Workers mostly complain about the temperature. That is normal, people are different and their biological needs are different too. To some, it will always be cold, to others – too hot. Don’t bother with that; make the environment that will suit most of them.

Before you rent an office, check what kind of HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) the place has. Where are the vents, what kind of control will the employees have over the heating or A/C? Will it be easy for them to adjust the temperature to their needs? Check out the windows – at what time of the day does the sun shine into the windows? The direct effect of the sun can drastically increase the temperature inside, and result in much higher electricity bills if additional cooling is needed.

Natural Lighting

If it is possible, every employee should have natural light. Being under artificial light throughout the day is not only unhealthy – it can also have a psychological effect on the workers, making them less efficient and productive.

When setting up the lights, try not to put them directly above the employee's heads. Make the lighting system indirect, with more options, so workers can adjust it the way it suits them.

A Dash of Color

People naturally react to color. Every one of them has a different kind of influence. Red, for instance, is related to power, strength, and aggression, blue to trust, efficiency, and coldness, and yellow to emotions and anxiety. Green is associated with balance, peace, and boredom. Think wisely and make your own set of colors that will have the best effect on employees. Think of a combination that is going to motivate and inspire them.

Add a Little Bit of Nature

A few plants will do the job. You don’t have to make a garden inside the office, but a couple of them will have a positive effect on both employees and business partners. Plants give us a sense of freedom and adventure. Who wouldn’t want a bit of that feeling during the working hours? Besides, plants will help clean the air and remove the mold inside.


When spending a lot of time in the same place, you have a need to make it as comfortable as you can, especially if that is the place where you work, and where you give so much of yourself. Make sure to find comfortable furniture, good chairs, desks, things that will take care of both your and your employee’s health. You can find great furniture for all your needs at Office National. Don’t economize with comfort! The benefits will be huge! 


No one expects that every employee has their own office, but dedicated areas are the must. People need space where they can find their peace, regroup, calmly think through the problems that they are dealing with, or just eat with no disruptions.

Keep it Clear

A lot of clutter will block you. You don’t need that. Keep it simple, don’t let the office be crumpled with too much stuff. Buy a cabinet for all the things that are not necessary. Make your workspace clear as you can. You’ll see a raise in productivity in no-time.

Published by Arina Smith