Increasing Faith

Ecc. 1:18

In much wisdom there is much grief, and increasing knowledge results in increasing pain.

[With increasing faith things might or might not get extremely difficult within your life and we must always be aware of the realities to which we are responsible for. This most times is even unclear when you are young and doing the best you can to grow within a career, a business opportunity and or even leadership, while none of this essentially is responsibility per say from a biblical POV but a calling to work towards and through rightly within this culture, within this day in age where the greater things of Christ aren't so "biblically" presented. I'm not making a claim here as SkyBoxTeam Captain for hymns and robes for the sake of a lifestyle what so ever but I am making a point known that we need to have discretion and much discernment even when it comes to truth because God's word is powerful and when used the wrong way or even when not used at all within ones life to help navigate through amazing realities that he allows us to enjoy, things get difficult because we all love to compare ourselves to other people not knowing their realities. 

Life is about building and so graciously we should all want to do that under the realm and scope of Christ but this is where it gets tricky because it's not that some don't or do believe in Christ it's that some do not follow and obey the guidelines of Christ when it comes to growth and being a person who wants greater realities of mind and spirit rather than a life of marketing for the sake of worldliness. 

MacArthur Notes: (V.18) The expected outcome of wisdom is success. Success, in turn, should bring happiness. But Solomon concluded that there were no guarantees. This grieves the one who places his hope in human achievement alone.

Just this morning I was barking as loud as can be at the Co Captain next door to which I do not not know personally but have an understanding of what he enjoys and regardless if we are both on a specific level of knowing or being able to enjoy that I can guarantee that until or when something is founded in Christ and Christ alone it will not have the right opportunity to flourish because the conscience of Christ doesn't deal with falsities or hopefuls within a world of uncertainty but deals with truth.

This is not a proclamation to figure out what such and such are doing or to ask questions of great leadership to see if he or she is worthy because then you are the culprit if done only for the sake of building up yourself and not others but it is a realization to how serious the distrust of ones heart goes to not even being able to love on a neighbor as Christ would in confidence that people have the right and strength to say yes or no, which is where we find ourselves today within the world of mentorship, chaperones, coaches and educators who want to be able to keep their people safe and out of harms way. And all of this coming from a people and a team who know wholeheartedly the realities of how inconsistent lifestyles lead to insecurity, lawbreaking and much emotional destress.  

Prov. 8:13

To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.

In life when there aren't circumstances to which are clear and defined more or less for our growth as individuals for whatever reason the outcome needs to be searching and seeking out truth for the sake of having wisdom, discernment and much discretion during times of uncertainty. Many things within this lifetime are uncertain but there's one thing which I'll be quite frank on that gives us a false sense of power to do as we wish and that's Christ. There's people within this world who operate solely on conscience alone and have no concern for others and than there are individuals who love to continue as minions for the ones in power. For this team and the reality of myself being the teams silent Co Captain here I urge most to believe in a sense of urgency to be honest and forefront in their endeavors because it truly does bring people to ruin.  

Now the reality of this type of situation playing out in the masses for those who want to lead a life of growth, get into a good school / business opportunity or what have you for the sake of being able to have a chance at an athletic approach towards life, right competition or even innovation gets tainted by those who think they know a thing or two about growth because they graduated a program or have projects in the works. 

Quite frankly it's most times the exact opposite because Christ deems those who are Godly most effective when we get past the preaching side of friendship and counsel towards the growth of living on this planet with one another, which I myself haven't quite grasped yet because of the lack of confidence I have in myself and by myself. 

The above verse here where it says in much wisdom comes grief and so on is a calling to stay humble in this world which is at every moment trying to tare you down. It's funny and not at the same time. 

We need to learn to be apart of something greater than ourselves and this team, myself including are learning and growing on how to be able to do just that in the midst of insecurities and fears that arise from disbelief.  

Published by SkyBox Captain