Do you want to run a check on someone’s criminal background?  It could be anyone from yourself, your neighbor, employee, etc.  Criminal records are accessible to the public and it is considered legal to check on them.  These records help you carry out an investigation on someone’s past or even look up your own online criminal record. 

The art of learning how to dig this information is vital to ensuring you get accurate information.  The background checks should be precise, accurate and credible enough to either credit or discredit someone.  They should be results that can be submitted to a court of law. This tells you they are of critical nature and someone cannot afford to fake them.

Where to look up criminal records online

The internet has provided an easy way to locate these records in a fast and affordable manner.  These online records are available nationwide from websites belonging to the government and some owned by licensed individuals. 

These websites carefully comb through the government records that have been submitted to find the required information.  Whether you are trying to check on a specific individual’s criminal history or just carrying out a random public record check, rest assured that your questions will be answered. 

How to check the criminal records

Checking criminal records is quite a straightforward process.  That said, you cannot simply go to Google and start your search there.  Though the information is accessible to the public, it is not widely available online, otherwise it would get chaotic once people dig up your past. 

In most states, you have to individually ask for arrest records through a government organization or a licensed company. Once given access, you find a central repository for all the arrest records.  Most states are well organized in their information and will be able to release to you the required information only on request through the right channels.

Can anyone check the criminal records?

Most states have measures put in place to prevent the average person from viewing these records.  This is to avoid malicious damage to individuals.  Some data is highly sensitive and can only be completely released to you if you are a government’s official representative, a licensed private agency or a criminal justice organization. 

Specialized search services may be able to give you the data that you require but you have to enter your details that they can verify from their end as true in order to give you the required information.   

How much does it cost to search criminal records?

The cost differs from state to state.  Some states will require that you pay a small fee.  This fee covers the costs of mailing you the information to your address. 

Private criminal record agencies also charge their own service fees through a subscription or a one-time fee.

If you are dealing with a lawyer, you may have to pay to pay for the services with a small one-time fee depending on what you want your lawyer to check.


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