I love my country; really, I do. But we had so much to do, today.

Last year, we did well. We hosted a backyard barbecue and then we met friends to watch fireworks in the rain. I’m glad we did that, because I think I heard it was the last year Dominion hosted those fireworks, down by Brown’s Island. (I should check my facts. Aka ask Ben.) (Edit: It was.)

This year, we took the furniture out of the sunroom and scrubbed a little bit of mold off of it (In the rain.), deep cleaned the sunroom (A losing proposition, since dust and rain blow in the vented windows.), emptied the office of everything we’ll be selling or giving away before we move, put all the selling-and-giving-away items in the sunroom (Under tarps.), and sorted mounds of stuff (Utilizing my “be specific” lessons, here. Thanks, Dad.). Around 7:00 pm, tired, but ready to get out, we stumbled out of the car at the Carytown Kroger, and bought trash bags and half & half. A little bit of British TV and La Croix wrapped up our all-American day.

Oh, and I finally placed my first Prime Now order. For packing tape. I forgot to use the $10 coupon for first orders.

Published by Bethany Lansing