• The Fundamentals of Caring (2016)
    This is a movies with a simple cast. You are not introduced to a whole bunch of characters in this comedy/drama. The story follows a handicapped young guy and his caregiver that build a strong friendship as the movies process. It’s original and well written. The movies offers a range of hilarious moments while still keeping it simple.
  • The Way Way Back (2013)
    This is a coming of age movies and it follows shy and introverted Duncan on his summer vacation in Cape Cod with his mother, stepdad and stepsister. Here he forms a friendship with the staff of the local waterpark and slowing comes out of his shell. A strong, heartfelt and funny return visit to adolescence for anyone who’s ever felt out-of-place.
  • The First Time (2012)
    Aubrey is dependent and mature junior and Dave is smart but shy senior. They meet and fall in love over the weekend. When the both of them meet the chemicals just burst. They instantly find common ground and talk about everything from dreams, to traveling and hobbies. They both learn that it’s okay to let people in and just be yourself in front of the object of your affection for the first time. The two main characters are played by Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson so that alone is a reason to watch the movie. Unless your not into cheesy rom-coms or high school movies. Then that’s your bad.
  • Stuck In Love (2012)
    This is the kind of movies that will make you feel good and make you shed a tear or maybe two. It deals with the different dynamics of love and how it affects us in different ways. The movie is about a broken family where the father is still in love with his ex-wife. Together they have two children Sam and Rusty (played by Lily Collins and Nat Wolff) who both responded to their parents divorce in different ways. The movies follows the characters falling in and out of love.
    In the meantime, the love of books is a huge part of this movies because the many of the main characters all share their love of books. It makes you wanna get lost in a book that completely absorbs you.The good thing about these movies are that they all focus on the characters and you get a real sense and feel for several of them. Some of the relationships between the characters are tested and how they each find slowly changing and learning.


I get music inspiration from everything from movies (hence the movies above), tv series, commercials, videos and just listening to the radio.
Indie music is my favourite and my playlists consists of mainly that genre. I love the simpleness of the music and the way it’s kept small with maybe one or two instruments like piano, guitar or something else to bring out the underlying melody and soft vocals. I’ve always had a soft spot for songs that spark emotions and still keep it simple, and I find that the genre indie just covers this really well.
Sometimes I like to widen my music horizon and I do the “if-you-like-this-you-will-also-like-this” search on google or  just browse through Spotify’s endless music supply.
This playlist is mostly songs I recently discovered. Some of them may be old (as in a solid 5-10 years old) while some of them are relatively new. These are songs I got from movie trailers, movies and Spotify. They all got this indie/chill vibe and are perfect for a evening summer stroll or when your just feel like listening to a relaxing playlist.

  • codes // heath mcnease
  • between the bars // elliot smith
  • lost in the light // the bahamas
  • banner’s // ghosts
  • the smiths // asleep
  • james vincent mcmorrow // if i had a boat
  • the head and the heart // another story
  • mumford and sons // reminder
  • northern wind // city and colours
  • ciaran lavery // shame
  • tom rosenthal // soon soon
  • vancouver sleep clinic // vapour
  • turn around // simon steadman
  • the beatles // in my life

Published by Pernille Ravn