Online shopping is trendy, and the use of an ecommerce website is increasing with the use of mobiles. To beat the high competitions, ecommerce design plays a significant role and the present Infographics shade light on various facets of its success.

Here is the eCommerce Design Trends Infographic created by Magneto IT Solutions

Why Design Matters?

Thanks to the onset of mobiles, we are able to shop while on the go. It has boosted ecommerce tremendously. Acute competitions are going on among the different niches of ecommerce to thrive and grow.

Ecommerce merchants are vigorously searching for the ways to achieve desired success. Among the various factors affecting the success, ecommerce design has a prime role to win the attention of online shoppers, engage them, and convert them.

The following statistical facts revealed by various online surveys pinpoint what works to achieve ecommerce success.

  • 66% of visitors abandon the site when the delay of 10 seconds or more occurs in site loading.
  • 68% of ecommerce visits come from mobile devices,and 91% of those are using multiple devices for shopping.
  • 78% of participants accepted the significant role of design style while 17% of those agreed on a combination of colors and text font style can improve ecommerce conversion rate up to 17%.
  • 84% of ecommerce consumers have denied experiments and favor conventions in design to enhance UX, ease of use, and usability.

Must-Have Features for Ecommerce Website

We can add so many advanced features in an ecommerce site, but some are basic features and functions essential to achieve success.

On The Top of the Web Page/Homepage:

  • Logo
  • Search box
  • Shopping cart, contact number, login, and wish-list icons
  • Call to action (CTA) in header/slider
  • Key selling points below the header/slider

The Midst of the Web Page/Homepage:

  • Featured product
  • Recommended products
  • Shop by category
  • Shop by occasions
  • Rating & Reviews

The Bottom of the Web Page/Homepage:

  • Textual Content
  • Slider for Blogs
  • Newsletter sign up

The Footer of the Web Page/Homepage:

Section One-

  • Terms & conditions
  • Returns
  • FAQ

Section Two-

  • Privacy policy
  • Shipping policy
  • Disclaimer
  • Intellectual property rights

Section Three-

  • Company
  • Testimonials
  • Sitemap
  • Contact Us

You can give contact details in the footer such as email address, the physical address of ecommerce, and phone number. Social media icons also have some place in the footer.

Ecommerce Design Trends

Apart from basics, some design trends are influencing the ecommerce success such as:

Conversational UI:

The modern ecommerce visitors like dynamic and interactive UIs that allows easy and quick conversations, interactions, and exchanges.

Unified Design:

Consistency in design elements and placements ease the job of shoppers a lot on an ecommerce store. Therefore, the unified design is a standard.

Experimental Layouts:

Experiments in design, layouts, and interactions bring innovation and uniqueness toan ecommerce site that can attract more users as well as engage them too.

Material Design & Gradients:

The use of Material Design in ecommerce makes design alluring and highly functional without affecting performance. Various animations and gradients make a design attractive.


The majority of users of an ecommerce site are coming from mobile devices. Therefore, giving priority to design mobile-friendly ecommerce supports a vast audience of mobile users.


We have tons of technologies and tools to support personal approaches to online shoppers, which they love the most. If you implement personalization technologies for ecommerce, you can get a high conversion rate.


Apart from these illustrated ecommerce facts and design trends, various factors play crucial roles in your ecommerce business success. Only experienced and expert ecommerce designers can guide you completely to assure your ecommerce success.

It is the team of ecommerce developers at Magneto IT Solutions that can grant you required services and support to augment your online business through their expertise in ecommerce design. Would you like to give them a chance?

Author Bio:

Ronak Meghani is a co-founder of Magento IT Solution Pvt Ltd, A Leading eCommerce Web Development Agency in USA, India and the Middle East. He is closely working with e-Commerce ventures since 2009 and he has helped 200+ brands for building/improving their online ventures.

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