I am not a fanatic of football games. I don't watch it. I guess It's just not my thing and I ain't an athlete.

But recently, It just so happened that someone from the Azkals Philippines National Football Team followed me on Instagram. I'm not here to brag about that. And I thought maybe it's just a random following thing but because of that incident, I got intrigued by the fact that ''hey, this is Azkals we are talkin' about..they are one of the country's pride...etc.." so,  I checked the profile and saw a familiar name which was the Younghusband (siblings). True and sad enough, they are all I know from the team.

And days after that, James Younghusband liked one of my posts.. again, not here to brag about that. It happens, you know. Nothing special about it, he randomly likes posts from random people, everyone does that, too. Maybe one of these days, he will like your post, as well. One thing I noticed about the Azkals was, they are very active in the social media circle! And it is actually fun that they are trying to reach out to the masses breaking the stereotypical celeb/athletes that seem to be unreachable. And I admire them for that.

Then, why the title?

That is because I'm crushing on Kevin Ingreso. Don't tell him that, okay? Haha!

I just saw a post from The Azkals' account greeting him a Happy Birthday, and so they say, the rest is history.

Where is the guts coming from? Nowhere. This is my freedom wall, alright. You have yours, too. And I like expressing my thoughts in writing. So I made use of my blog. Because I am certain that this is not gonna reach him anyway, and he's not gonna even notice me. So, before you hate me (Kevin's fans), do not fret, alright. I am just a normal girl like you who happens to have a crush on a National Athlete. Isn't it crazy and ironic, at the same time? I won't post any of his pictures because I don't wanna look like a desperate gal here. I am sure after reading this, you will search for him, anyway! You may google and follow him too, we can have a crush on him together!

One day, I would watch them play Live. When I get home to PH, I'd like to show my support to these guys who work  hard and bring pride and honor to the country. I could hardly show my support when I am 4, 479 miles away.

I have a fan girl heart, too! And it would be nice to take some pictures with him and ask for his signature! Sure, it would be fun!

Life is more beautiful when you smile, alright! So please no hate on that! If all of  us just know how to smile like how Kevin does it, I swear, anywhere in the world would be so much a better place to live in.

So, to Kevin Ingreso, I am glad to have lived in the same generation as you. To have seen those eyes that speaks, or rather, screams a thousand words and emotions; and that smile... oh! the smile that melt hearts and I swear, could light up a whole packed room!
Until then, I could only pray for your health, safe training, travels, games and constant wins! I am rooting for you!

Thank you for making our country and fellowmen proud! God Bless You!




Published by Mayne Andaya