Innisfree is a korean skincare and cosmetics brand. It created in 2000. It is Korea’s first natural cosmetics brand that delivers the beauty and health benefits to their customers by using natural ingredients.


There are few products I loved which are their serum, moisturizer, eye cream and sheet mask.


Innisfree green tea seed line is more moisturizing and fresh with 100% squeezed green tea where grown on the pure Island of Jeju.


Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum

This Green Tea Seed Serum is used as the first essence which means that it is the thing to apply after you wash your face.

It helps hold moisture in your skin and prevents moisture loss.

It’s texture is liquidy and totally not oily. It absorbs so quickly into my skin and smells so good! I didn’t feel any sticky after I applied it.

Usually, I will pump out one to two pump to apply on my entire face. Please make sure to use this serum in the first step!

The most important thing is…. It’s price is very reasonable!!! One bottle with 80 ml, its just costs me RM70. (I bought at a website called HERMO, a Malaysia beauty channel. You may found in Innisfree international website or store. )

In this year summer, Innisfree had come out with a special edition that is a 160 ml BIG SIZE Green Tea Seed Serum. I forget the price I saw in the store, but I can confirm it is definitely cheaper than the 80 ml. 

The green tea seed line’s moisturizer is called as Green Tea Seed Cream.

I had finished using it and threw it. Normally, I will use it in the morning because my skin is very very dry and the cream is more lightweight. It also smells good, absorbs great and won’t feel sticky after applied it. It is not bad. However, I will not repurchase it because I would like to try something new.

For the eye cream, I’m still didn’t got chance to use it. It stored at my drawer for a few months already. I have to finish my Skinfood Salmon Brightening Eye Cream first then just start to use it.

I am very lazy some of the time. So, sleeping mask is always be my first choice. I like to apply the sleeping mask on my face and get to sleep, then wash it off in the next morning, I will feel my face is energized.

There are some white and small particles in the sleeping mask.  I had ask the staff from Innisfree, they said those white and small particles is used to help us to anti-oxidation. They also said it is not necessary to massage it until absorbed. Based on my own habit, I will massage until those white particle is completely absorbed. I definitely won’t repurchase it!!!! I feel so tired when I massage until those white and small particles are disappear.

Innisfree got so many types of sheet mask. One of my favorite is “it’s real squeeze mask” series and green tea is my first choice! This green tea mask can provide a deep hydration treatment for skin.My skin feel refreshing after using it. I live in Malaysia, a country with very hot and dry weather. I prefer to put it in the fridge before using so that it is easier to absorb and feel cool.


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Published by Zing Chang