For most people, when thinking of a perfect master bedroom, the first thing that comes to mind is a  calm and serene place, an oasis of romance and a comforting and soothing space that offers a peaceful retreat at any time of the day or night. But at the same time, this room is also a place where people enjoy reading, watching TV, and even doing some unfinished work. For one room, this is a lot to ask, so designing it well is not an easy task.

Here are some innovative design ideas that can help you redesign your bedroom and give it a fresh, new look.

Colour choices

Most people want their bedrooms to be as serene as possible in order to create a retreat-like atmosphere. Therefore, the best choice is to pick colours that are soft, soothing and blend in well. Off-whites and cremes combined with green and light purple are currently very popular. Since comfort and serenity are key, fabrics should also emulate this feeling as well. Popular choices are soft, cotton fabrics, silk, and natural fibres.


Wallpapers have already made their big comeback and are an excellent way to help you breathe in new life into your bedroom. The choice of colours and patterns is so wide that you can practically create any style and effect you desire. For instance, if you go with a metallic pattern on coloured wallpaper, you will achieve a dramatic look and create a contemporary and chic vibe. If you want something completely different, use natural and soft tones for the headboard and other accessories. Also, you can never go wrong with adding some colourful and bright flowers in a vase on the nightstand.

Custom headboards and bedding

One of the recent trends in bedroom design is going for soft tones and textures with the aim to create a feeling of being cocooned and protected from the rest of the world. One way to do it is to use upholstered beds and headboards. A wide choice of fabrics, both for headboards and beddings, lets you play with textures and colours. It’s very effective and adds a touch of elegance and style to the room, especially if you go with a leather bed frame and high-end patterns and quality textile for the bedding.

Fresh and original details

If you feel that your bedroom has become too soft and bland, shake it all up by introducing bold and unique items. Not everything needs to match and don’t be afraid to experiment. Pick different nightstands for each side of the bed or use a pile of books or an old, vintage bar chair instead. Play up the room with a touch of gold details that will surely add rich tones and a sense of luxury. Finally, personalize the space with paintings or large photographs in stylish frames.

Multipurpose room

The basic idea behind this concept is to turn your bedroom into a hotel suite-like retreat. Your master bedroom is not just a room for sleeping, but a little home within a home. It’s an all-in-one space where you can complete many of your daily tasks without having to leave the room. In order to make it work, different areas need to be well-defined, and you can do that by using a modular desk that can serve as a nightstand or a comfortable lounge chair from where you can read or watch TV without having to mess up the master bed.

Bedrooms should be your personal expression, so feel free to decorate it according to your taste and preference. Interior designs and trends come and go, but your master bedroom will stay as your special retreat. Break the rules as much as you want if it will give you the bedroom of your dreams!

Published by Emma Lawson