Why do we complain about our insecurities but do absolutely nothing about it and if we do why aren’t we committed enough to follow through with the plan?

In most cases it’s a lack of confidence due to how a person feels whether that be from their past, relationships, weight, appearance etc..

Take me for example.. I can admit I’m insecure. I haven’t been insecure all my life but over the past 6 years I’ve been dealing with an issue of dramatic weight loss. My whole teenage years I was a healthy size 10 sometimes 12 on my bottom half and a slim size 8 on my top half. I lovedmyself I knew I wasn’t the prettiest of them all but I definitely wasn’t ugly and still that wouldn’t of mattered because I loved me; I loved my curves, I love my bum and I loved my flat belly. No one I mean no one could tell me anything that could hurt my feelings about my appearance.

That all changed when I fell into depression😞, I started not caring about myself anymore I lost my appetite, my socialness(that’s not even a word but I know u get it🙊) i became extremely lazy and didn’t want to do anything, this is when the weight loss was in full effect.. I then started smoking to forget everything and be high🍁.. This cycle went on for a couple of years until I seeked help for my depression.

When I came out of depression I still found it hard to get my weight back.. In my head then I was thinking it’s impossible as I would start and see no results.. Patience has never been a good trait for me, I kept making a plan for when I have to exercise💪🏽, how often and also a food plan🌯.. Tbh with you I stuck to it for about 3/4 days and that was it for me.. I started to do the silly thing of feeling sorry for myself and giving up.

So this is where I am now.. Still haven’t gained much weight ðŸ™„and haven’t really done anything about it but I’m in a total different mind frame now I need to do this for myself. To prove to myself that I can. ðŸ™ŒðŸ½

So I’ve started to eat breakfast whether it be a fry up or a bagel or something(I’m not into eating healthy soz) which has helped a lot because I’ve realised I’ll get really hungry about an hour and a half later which is when I will eat again.. I’m also trying to eat when I’m hungry instead of going passed the hunger stage and start to feel sick😖, which has helped amazingly! I’ve also put myself on a water diet so I’m only drinking water. Maybe the odd juice once or twice but im getting there lol..

So the whole point of writing this was to just say if u have an insecurity try to change it in thebest way possible for you. Also, do it at your own pace.. Everyone is different and if you start to compare your journey to someone else’s you’ll lose motivation. Worry about you and praise yourself for your efforts.🙌🏽✨😘❤️

Danielle Rochelle

Published by Danielle Rochelle