Insomnia, Sleeplessness, The-Lack-Of-It!


I suspect, that every one of us, at some point, been through this.

Not only did you maybe experience it, but it might be Current in your life.
I cannot say that I’ve had such luck at sleeping throughout a full night,
            BUT then,
I don’t monitor myself either.


There’s a few reasons why All OR Most of us had encountered this phenomenon.

I would say that PAIN can be the biggest reason why we cannot sleep.
Before my Back Operations, this was a reason.
Going to sleep and waking up with Back-Pain wasn’t Brilliant!


Medically you can also have an overactive thyroid gland, diabetes mellitus, violent muscle twitching, eating a heavy meal, or drinking beverages containing alcohol or caffeine before going to bed.

That makes life a little LESS interesting for a great many of us!


There’s also the psychological one, such as stress or loneliness.

With my luck, having so many Books, Ideas and Stories floating around in my Head – not allowing my Mind to Switch off; isn’t Conducive to a good night’s rest!


I Wouldn’t advise you to take any kind of NAP during the day.

It will Shake your sleeping Paten around like you’d not believe.


Then as well,
Even if you fall asleep nicely,
If you’re lucky like me,
You Dream so Vividly,
Shaking awaking, to see if what you’d dreamt, is real in fact!


Some days a Wild Imagination isn’t so great to have…

Blessing and a Curse?

I’ve heard, not that I’ve done the research into this,
But in war,
Keeping prisoners from sleeping,
Depriving them of sleep,
That was considered a means of Torture.


Just think of HOW you feel after a Restless Night,
I can believe it could be pretty Effective.


Here’s to Good Sleeping Patens!

Published by Cobus Vermeulen