Having various adventures in different business over the years I have always been inspired by Women who have the guts, drive and determination to create a successful business, a life of their dreams and live wholeheartedly. I am fascinated about how they get started and what they do to make them successful. So today I am so excited to share with you an inspirational story about Liv Lundelius, an international bridal and editorial makeup artist and successful organic beauty blogger – Liv Life Mag. She is my mentor in makeup artistry, an extraordinary entrepreneur and continuously inspires me to live consciously, healthily and wholeheartedly, to have faith in my abilities and create a life of my dreams.

A bit about Liv…...I am a professional organic makeup artist & beauty writer. A little while back I decided to specialise in working with organic, toxin-free and natural products. I love what I do and do what I love. I believe in happiness, love & in true beauty.

When I am not on set, cruising around to work with beautiful brides or am in the midst of a fun collaboration with fellow artists, bloggers or magazines I am sharing my pro makeup artist tips&tricks and life with you on Liv Life Mag.

Born in Germany, I have grown and developed my skills as an international makeup artist, stemming from a rich and strong fashion background. Always interested by the vibrancy of different cultures, fashion and art, my work has taken me from Berlin to London and New York for many years before moving to Sydney.

 What inspired you to start your blog?

Our personal blog was really only for our friends and families in the beginning, as we both lived away from our home countries it was a fun way to keep everyone up to date.

We both love photography and it was such great project to document our story and little adventures. I am really glad we did, it is really great looking back at posts from years ago.

My beauty blog started as an addition to my work as a professional makeup artist. I am really passionate about skin care and makeup ingredients, it was a great platform to share some knowledge and feature products that I believe in.

 You recently relaunched your blog site to Liv Life Mag to include your holistic beauty blog, your life and love adventures and your creative showcase, what inspired you merge the three together?

I have had 2 blogs for a very long time, now I have combined the two on the new site Liv Life Mag.

I am having so much fun writing it and that really is the main reason. I hope to inspire others to live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Part of my blog is our personal blog, Liv+Dave= , which I started together with my husband David when we first met.It has been with us right from the start. It documents our personal adventures.

The other blog, Liv Well, is my holistic beauty and wellness blog, it's all about a toxin-free, plant-based and mindful lifestyle.

 What do think makes a blog successful?

Finding a niche and loyal readership. All the blogs I love to read either offer me very valuable information or simply joy and inspiration.

I really hope readers can find the same on my page.

It amazes me how you have the ability to create and manifest things! I love how you have you have no fear or doubt, just total faith in what you are doing. How do you stay so positive and driven?

Aw, that's such a big compliment! I think it is really important to love what you do, love just always drives, it replaces the need for trying hard. I guess I am naturally an optimist and find it easy to see the good in almost any situation.

I think gratitude is the key. Counting your blessings! It's hard to be negative if you focus on all the wonderful things that you are already being surrounded by in your life, right?

I also do practice yoga & meditation regularly, which helps to ground me and to connect to my inner voice. I wouldn't say that I am free of fear and doubt 100% of the time. But I have learned not to identify with overwhelming emotions. When they do show up. I am by no means perfect though and ever so often I have a bad day too.

 Where do you go to for your inspiration? Who and what inspires you and why?

I love people and their stories! People inspire me a lot, that's why I love living in big cities. All my friends and family and also strangers inspire me in one way or another. I also really love movies and nature inspires me when I need some grounding or calming.

I am most intrigued by people who live with integrity and stand up for their values.

My puppy, Dalston also really inspires me every day. He is just always happy and in the moment and he has this ability to make people smile!

What advice would you give to a new business starter?

Be flexible and don't give up! I think running a business is always learning by doing, you will learn from your mistakes and you will learn from your success.

It's a win-win situation. You have to be flexible and sometimes change directions to get to where you want to be.

 List 5 things you think a makeup artist just starting out should know.

  1. If you really love what you do you will eventually succeed.
  2. There are A LOT of artists out there already it is a competitive industry.
  3. Stay true to your own style
  4. Find a niche that you are passionate about
  5. It takes some time to build a good portfolio, assist artists that you look up to and learn as much as you can

Please share your 3 favourite organic beauty products.

  1. Edible Beauty Exotic Goddess Serum (and their moisturiser...the whole range really!)
  2. Jane Iredale D20 Hydrating Mist, it's an all in one organic makeup setting spray.
  3. Pure Organic Coconut Oil, I use it as hair-mask, body oil, for oil pulling as mouthwash it's SO versatile!

Can I cheat and add a fourth one? It would be rms living luminizer, my favourite highlighter!

 Do you run your business from your heart, instinct and gut or from strategic planning?

I think I do a lot intuitively. Of course there is some planning involved, but I think the head follows the heart. I get an idea and then feel into it. If it feels right I take action and start the planning to turn it into reality.

 What’s your recipe for a healthy, happy life?

You need to decide that you want to be happy and then just be happy!

It sounds simplistic but is important to learn how to master your own mind. Once you can truly love yourself, you will automatically start to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but you need to come from the right place first.

If you love yourself, you will never want to eat junk food or harm your body in any way.

And smile! It makes everything better!

I hope you have enjoyed reading about one of my favourite people and feel inspired to follow your dreams!

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Published by Chrissy Davies