In the battle of Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories, who will win?


On August 2, 2016, Instagram launched its newest update to the Instagram app, Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories allows you to post photos and videos to your Instagram that last for 24 hours before disappearing. Sounds just like Snapchat Stories right?

With Instagram Stories, you can use the text and draw tools to add creativity to your story, and you can view the stories of those you follow. The story will appear at the top of your Instagram feed, and you can choose who you allow to view your story.

Similar to Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories allows you to tap a story to view it and swipe to jump to the next person's story. Instagram also allows you to feature a part of your story to your profile grid. Only users using the Instagram app on Android and iOS can view stories.


So I know what you're thinking: Can Instagram really get away with this? Apparently so.


As some of you may know, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook,  bought Instagram back in 2012, and he tried to buy Snapchat as well. Snapchat declined the $3 billion dollar offer from Facebook, and ever since then, the two tech companies have been rivals. Facebook even tried to launch a similar app to Snapchat called Slingshot about 2 years ago, however, the app didn't find much success.

This go around, Instagram has totally copied the Snapchat business model and in a sense "re-vamped" it. The CEO of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, is even recorded saying Snapchat deserves "all the credit" for Instagram Stories, as told to TechCrunch's editor, Josh Constine. 

In the battle for social media platform dominance and market value, who will take the crown? 

Will Snapchat survive this change in the tide? Or will Instagram Stories be another let down attempt at trying to dominate the market?


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Published by Crystal Ngumezi