In the Fall of 2014, I binge watched House of Cards. From that show, I learned of the darknet. I got curious, so I downloaded a Tor browser and began to wade through the depths of the deepweb.

My exploratory period didn’t last long, because perusing the darknet sites always made me want to shower afterwards. However, during my browsing, I came across an interesting website called t3han0nr1tu8l.onion/forum. Don’t try to go to this website. It doesn’t exist anymore. Deepweb forums change their web addresses, and I’ve since lost track of this website.

The forum was devoted to rituals. Many of the rituals were of an obscurely religious nature, but most of them just felt creepy. I recently transferred some old Microsoft Word files from my old PC, and I found a post that I had saved by copy and pasting the text from the website. Reading it again made my skin crawl a bit.

Here’s the text:


You think you’re clever? Don’t you? all of you? reading this? You think you possess some forbidden knowledge? You don’t.

I come. From. A place. Where these elevator and bathtub “rituals” are

Simple children’s games.

I played them all the time.

Actually. I got here through the elevators.

Ithink. You must. Be children!

You want some fun? You want some fun. I know you. all of you. you’re all the same. That’s y ur here.

I’m here. To teach. A lesson.

The fist lesson will be


It’s easy!

Even you can do it.

Lesson 1: the dopple


Mirror. Cat, alive. Timer, with buzzer. picture of yourself. Small paint brush.

Step 1:

Kill the cat.

None of your “rituals” work.


Because. All. Requires. Blood. That is what’s. most important.

Also. Cats can see. And roam. On every plane.

Remember that. Children.

Step 2:

Stand in front of the mirror.

Place your picture. Underneath

The mirror.

Place the dead.

Or dying. Cat in the sink.

Stop the sink drain.

Step 3:

Set TiMer. 15 M1NUTES

Dip your brush in the kitty’s blood.

Pay attention! To detail!

Paint the picture. Of you. bleow the mirror. Onto the mirror

Try YouR BEst!

You don’t have to be an artist,



This is ijpmortant.

Make sure the painted face is eyelevel with your face.


Once the masterpiece is finished. Set the timer.

Set the timer for 1 hour.

Stare. At your painting. At your face. In that mirror.

Stare the whole hour.

Don’t. let your eyes. Wander.

Stare at yourself for the entire hour.

Step 5:

At the end of the hour. Turn around.

Introduce yourself to your dopple!


This was the last thing I read on the darknet. I don’t know why I saved this ritual. I don’t even remember saving the ritual.



Published by John Du