I recently moved about two years ago, I come from the "ghetto" Brooklyn New York to be exact. Yes when you hear Brooklyn, I'm pretty sure your thinking of the hood, gunshots,projects, biggie, that sort of thing. Ask me, I grew up in a really good neighborhood.. my neighbors were asian lol. Seriously I lived a really decent life, around decent people, I say this so you guys can grasp that I was a regular kid who never had to run from gunshots (unless I went to crown heights where the rest of my family live but thats another story for another day). So when I moved to a small town never heard of somewhere outside of the city as you would guess, I was very culture shocked and bored to tears. I had traveled to this place from time to time to get my hair braided by some Africans my mom met (my mom worked in the town). Once I moved and got somewhat settled, I was introduced to my hairdressers niece, who was about two years younger than me. Im not a big people person and rather keep to myself, but she was Very friendly. I was given a warning of what to expect before she came through the doors, heres what I was told.." ok so my niece is cool, she's like a white girl, talks just like a white girl, loves fashion and makeup, that sort of thing". Literally, those were the words that was said to me, when she came through the door, happy as hell, I heard Jessica simpson but I was looking at Lupita nyongo. Im not a judgmental person believe it or not, I figured for someone to grow up in a suburban area, they would definitely talk proper. Now what I wasn't prepared for was the ignorance and the lack of emotion towards your own race and their struggles. While our friendship grew, Off course there were many conversations, Keep in mind, Im from the hood, like the real hood. I know how to spot a crackhead from a mile away, I know when to walk fast, I know what crack smells like, I know what fear feels like,I know to not get on a particular subway cart, and I am also very much aware of the issues we as people of color face on a daily basis and will most likely continue to face. So while having a casual conversation with my new found friend about the craziness that took place around that time, such as the murder of Mike Brown and other young black men, I was flabbergasted by her thoughts and demeanor on a subject I and every living Black person held extremely close to our hearts. It was as if she thought it wasn't her problem that black men were being murdered. Like the stereotypes didn't pertain to her, like she wasn't African, not just African American- but African. Im a person who likes to dig deep, even if you are being ignorant and seem to not care that your ignorant, I was still intrigued by this girl. As we hung out more, off course different conversations arose, such as, her only being attracted to white guys. I can't think of anything more annoying and unbelievable than basically shunning your own race, I mean if she were to say " Sure I'm open to dating any race" then there would be no problem. She made it seem like black men were the worst of the worst. I came to the conclusion that this girl was ashamed of who she was, and who she always will be. I started questioning myself for even continuing to hang around this girl, but I was honestly so intrigued, Maybe it was because she was so different from me in a way. She was so sheltered, and while most will probably be jealous of the fact that they didn't grow up being hidden away from harsh realities of the real world. Im grateful that I actually got to go through some tough situations, went to a High school with teen mothers and drug dealers, after being kicked out of one of manhattans most thriving high schools for skipping class. I got to witness police chase down 14 year olds just because they were performing a "show time" dance routine on the A train. I woke up early, and even though my friend is still unaware of the world she lives in, and the color of her skin. Im aware she'll be jolted from her slumber really soon, it'll be sad to have your perception of the world shattered to the floor, but so be it.  


Hope you guys enjoyed my first post.


Published by Alexia Alexander