Whether it’s a suave Parisian or a swarthy Latin man that you’re after, a little dabble with romance while traveling is often desired. Some of us are looking to change our passports immediately, while others are simply looking for a cutie to make our friends at home jealous. Whatever your motives may be, these tips can help you  find the partner or fling that will make your heart flutter and your Instagram page much more interesting.

Before continuing, you must be mindful that I am no expert in love. In fact, I once kissed a boy and immediately after he fell to the ground and vomited (oops.) However I hope that my limited experience and interest in rom-coms could make me of assistance.

  1. Forget about the “one back home”: Wanna crush on a cutie abroad? Forget about that one girl who you used to text every now and then. Don’t dwell on someone who you can see when you return home (if you return home.)
  2. Go out of your comfort zone…completely: You are in a new country and although I don’t suggest that you become a new person, I do suggest that you release as many inhibitions as possible. You typically are too shy to talk to the cute guy in the coffee shop? Throw that out the window and go up to him. The worst thing that could happen is that he isn’t interested and you never seen him again…or he kidnaps you and holds you for ransom but that is highly unlikely.
  3. Use apps!: Tinder is very international. Make an account and swipe yourself silly. Feel uncomfortable meeting up with a guy you have never met? No worries, ask him where people your age hang out. Perhaps you’ll be able to find a nice beach, bar, or cafe where you could potentially meet someone else (in the flesh.)
  4. Don’t hook up with people in shared hostel rooms: I have had people “canoodling” in the bunk below me many times. Its is weird and disrespectful. If you find that special, please express it somewhere a bit more private than in a room with 11 other travelers.  I don’t want to wake up to my bed shaking and strained noises…again.
  5. Go out: Because there is no better place to meet someone than at a dingy club with the bass of “Danza Kuduro” shaking the floor, right?
  6. Stay in: Actually there might be a few better places…hang out in your hostel and get to know the fellow travelers around you.
  7. Keep in contact: Maybe you found the love of your life or maybe you just found some chick who was “super cool and down to earth.” Regardless, exchange forms of contact. Maybe you will one day go back to this unknown destination and there is nothing better than free board and a local to show you around.

At the end of the day, if you spark a romantic connection with someone while traveling that is wonderful. If you don’t, that is wonderful too. Make sure you enjoy yourself while traveling and try your best not to get caught up in anything that distracts you from the magnificent world.

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Published by Jenna Finnis