What comes to your mind when we say future of cars? You would probably think of flying cars with multiple features or if you’re a nerd, like me, you might be thinking of some transformer kind of cars ruling the roads of planet earth. Well, the world is growing strange and advanced day by day, and what you think that can happen in future is probably happening at the moment somewhere near. Technology has provided us with the power of doing things that movies showed us and completely changed the way we think of this world. With internet of things applications and connected solutions coming up in the industry, the processes have optimized, and our gadgets talk to us.

The extent of changes and improvements automobile industry has experienced with the dawn of internet of things solutions is remarkable. Connected cars are somethings that have become the talk of the town in recent times and making everyone drool over them. All over the world people have different opinions about the connected car services. Some strictly believe that it’s going to harm the human race in the long run while the optimistic ones think that it will bring a new level of safety and ease to driving. Being an expectant myself, I think that the IoT services for connected cars hold a great future and is going to benefit us. Why do I think so? Here are some pointers that derived my perspective in favour of connected cars.

Connected cars and services are predictive: Connected car is not just a word, it has a meaning behind it. Automobiles with integrated IoT services are capable of analysing the relevant data about the vehicle and give information to the owner. This information includes the next service cycle to the time when they need to get the air pressure check. Also, such cars have functionality that can predict the failure of some part of the vehicle and even book a slot at the service centre for you. Further, in case of breakdown connected cars can also help the owner to get the details of the part, which is at default.

Safe and autonomous: Biggest functionality of the connected cars is their ability to self-operate. While many believe that self-driving cars are not safe, I think they’re better. Connected cars are deeply integrated and can communicate with other connected/smart cars. With this functionality coming in, cars can predict the traffic on the road, hurdles ahead and location of other cars, which help such vehicle to derive a safe and secure route for themselves.

For, eg. Let’s say you have a connected car and you’re on your way to your office. While all the cars are moving at high speed, all of a sudden, a car moving ahead in the lane stops which makes everyone one in the lane to put brakes. Now, the connected cars can share such information with each other and save the chaos that could have caused if humans would have been driving.

Not just this, such cars can compute the time they would have to stop at a traffic signal, the number of cars on that road and choose a faster route to the destination.

Self-learning: The modern day smart cars are self-leaning. They have the computation power where they can learn the driving patterns of people, understand the weather conditions and several other factors to make the drive safe for passengers.

All the feature and benefits that I have mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg of the functionalities of such autonomous connected cars. The potential they hold is what that can’t be explained. But, if you still wish to know more then you can go to the website of HARMAN. HARMAN is one of the leading company that provides internet of things solutions and connected car services to consumers.

Published by Reena Rawat