“This is a typical example of an art deco piece, the floral pattern might be suggestive of an art noveau piece, but the use of bold and bright colors is classical of art deco pieces. It’s also worth noting the …” Miss Anne's stressed voice cut into the quandary that was her teenage mind, but only for a moment.

Joy: beau-uuu-tiful, they remind me of happy days and rainbow clouds.  

Disgust: someone please point me in the direction of a freshly painted wall .. cows will always be cow doesn’t matter what you cover them in.

Sadness: this is terrible, people always try to change your appearance, what’s wrong with painting a cow brown? Must everything be bright and flowery and …

Anger:this is the most boring class ever, art deco smash deco. They’re cows. Painted cows. Not everything needs a label for pete’s sake!

Fear: I hate labels, they are just like leeches. They stick to your forehead, sucking your personality with a giant siphon. 

Logic: Calm down people. Anger caught it out you’re starting to terrorize fear. Let’s not transfer aggression, Sammy called us a fat cow not the teacher.

It wasn't the best day for art.

Published by Chioma Nwafor