Though the CW passed on a Supernatural Spinoff a few years ago, the net is still interested in finding a companion for the show that refuses to die.

The net chose to roll two projects from last year over to get another chance this year.  Nothing against the possibility of a Kevin Williamson pilot about ghosts or an adaptation of a novel called Weaveworld by Clive Barker, but I’m still surprised that the Transylvania pilot, which seemed to have a good deal of buzz, was not given the same second chance.

There are a couple of new projects also in the mix to be the new Robin to Supernatural’s Batman.  I previously mentioned that Tim Kring of Heroes fame(infamy?) had set what sounds like Making of a Murderer meets Supernatural with the net.  The story would follow a woman making a documentary about her father’s murder, only to discover that the convicted man may be innocent, and that supernatural elements may have played a role in the events.  My one word of advice for this project would be that it is in desperate need of a title change.  I guess that the current title is meant to be a nod to Slender Man, but really, Stick Man?  Am I the only one for whom that conjures up an image of a stick figure lurking around in a real world setting?  And who finds that far more amusing than creepy?

The latest addition to this competition is a project from two well-known figures on the network.   Spoiler TV announces that Greg the comic-adapter Berlanti and Jason the 100 adapter Rothenberg have teamed up for The Searchers.  Ten years after the death of their parents, a pragmatic brother and his free-spirited younger sister discover that their mother’s strange and terrifying stories may have been a lot more true than they suspected.  I notice some comments on the post express concern that it is a little too close to Supernatural, just gender-swapping one of the siblings and the parent whose stories they follow.  I had much the same initial reaction, though I suppose the CSI and Law & Order spinoffs were just as similar to their parent shows.

Spoiler TV revealed that the CW may also be looking for a companion for The 100.  Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory is producing an adaptation of the new novel The Terranauts.  The story focuses on an experiment that could be vital to humanity’s survival in a space colony.

Parsons isn’t the only actor with a project in the running for the CW.  Alyssa Milano’s graphic novel Hactivists, the story of a pair of hackers who are recruited to work the CIA.

It appears that the CW is also looking for a new dramedy to go with Jane the Virgin, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and No Tomorrow.  Spoiler TV reported that the net has acquired Life Sentence, the story of a young woman who finds out that here diagnosis with terminal cancer was inaccurate, and she now must live with the choices she made when she thought she was going to die in the near future.

Finally, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage of Gossip Girl fame are looking to get back into business with the CW.  Spoiler TV reveals that the duo is behind an attempt to bring Dynasty back to the small screen.


Published by Andrew Clendening