Writing some blogs for My Trending Stories feels like a bold step for me as it’s going to get down to the nitty gritty of what goes on in my mind. I’m exposing my strategies of how I cope with the rollercoaster of feelings hurtling towards me every day that I decide to continue to pursue my dreams. Whether you’re setting up a new company, learning a new skill, perhaps training for a marathon or starting at university; moving to another country, getting involved in important aid work, or like me hell bent on getting recognised as an author, the questions and feelings are always the same. Can I make a success of this? How do I achieve this? Is this what I’m meant to be doing? Am I following the right path for me? How do I make the most of this?

Feeling Brave

Every dream starts with an idea. An idea we’re passionate about and an idea that our hearts seem determined it’s meant to be. Yet sooner or later we find it’s not us we have to convince it’s everyone else that needs to see it’s the right thing to do.

So into the forest we go with our little backpacks of ideas and aspirations feeling brave and up to the challenge. The path ahead looks beautiful but we’ve no idea where it will take us. The dirt track splits and forces a decision. One looks a bit overgrown, the other well trodden. An unexpected hoot shocks us and our feet become unsteady, then a kaleidoscope of butterflies gently pick us back up as they dance the way forward and remind us of the beauty within the forest. We decide to go one way, stop and consider turning back; all the while keeping an eye out for the signs that we’re heading in the right direction. We know the vultures are circling, swooping and teasing the doubts in our heads but we carry on regardless and turn to focus on what lays ahead.

Being brave is not about ignoring the dangers and pitfalls but completely the opposite. It’s being aware of what could go wrong but taking the decision to try anyway. I’ve heard so many times how hard it is to get published that some days I do wonder if I should even bother to try and I end up asking myself questions. Why should I be the successful one out of millions of hopefuls? Why should my books be noticed and not others? Why try something that has a low success rate? Why is it so hard? When I notice the only answer to these questions should be WHY NOT?

So now when the doubts creep in I turn my questions around and ask myself why shouldn’t my books get noticed? Why shouldn’t I deserve to be successful too? Why not do it for the experience regardless of the outcome? Why not see it as a challenge?

It’s then that my mind goes quiet. All of a sudden these questions don’t seem so easy to answer anymore, except with the all encompassing errrrmmm...

Yet by simply turning my questions around it refocuses my thoughts and changes my perception. Dare I say it, but I even begin to hear positive answers seeping out and if I do still come up with negative ones this time I’m offered a new direction and thoughts I can seek to put right.

So go get started on that new venture you’ve been mulling over for years. Have the courage to give your dreams a chance. Nobody can blame you for that.

Published by Amanda Lonergan