Whenever someone mention holy water, the most common imaginations that we used to come up with it might be a certain thrilling movie with exorcist sceneries. On the opposite of the spectrum, this term also means blessing purifications.

There are two women washing inside one of the sacred ponds of an ancient Bali temple named Holy water, as a ritual for good things to come. Every full moon, locals come to the temple, immersing themselves into this emerald stream of life due to the belief that only pure souls can be blessed in the ceremonies afterward.

All the sacred ponds are filled with underground water which unceasingly comes out below the white sand inside a natural aqua habitat. Although there are many species live under the source pond, the liquid is always clean and clear so we can see every single details of what it contains inside.

Under bright light of a sunny day, vivid color of surrounding trees reflects on fermenting surface of the holy water makes it becomes the most beautiful jewel that one can ever see in life.

After all the time living in a big crowded city, some will found themselves yearn for peaceful moments of returning to the very first beginning of life, in the loving arms of mother water to revive a new start. The magic might hide behind the sparkling surface emerging from the deep core of this scared island or it might be of the sincere belief of local people here that keeps them healthy and happy.

Published by Khanh Hoa Vo Thi