I started to dissect some of the images of my original paintings and piece them back together in order to make asymmetrical compositions which have now taken on a geometric guise.

Through this process I have come to the understanding that even though an artwork is finished in the eyes of the artist it can go further with the use of technology and imagination, spearing it into the matrix and in turn receiving back an altered view of the original work.

This process takes time and dedication and a bit of creativity thrown in for good measure.

The inspiration comes from actually doing the work – the layers the filters and the colour combinations are sown together in an intricate way to create new artworks, which are unique and individualistic in their own right.

Strong colours and the way that they amalgamate are consistent in all my compositions.

All the work is connected, it evolves from previous art and in the process progresses and changes, but it always seems to know where it's going.

When we change something in our lives new things start to happen, new possibilities emerge, every day is a opportunity to reinvent existing thought processes... nothing stays the same!

We are the creators of our own vision.

Emma Barone ©2016 

Published by Emma Barone