It’s been a grueling Presidential campaign battle to the White House this election season. During the presidential primary many people have witnessed the rise and fall of aspiring Presidential candidates to the very last leading nominees Hillary Clinton (D) and Donald J. Trump(R). Both leading Presidential candidates were left standing toe to toe in three final Presidential debates and then ambitiously geared up for Election Day. The voters were left to render their verdict on who should be the next President of the United States of America.

On November 8th the America set out to elect their next President of the United States. With votes tallied Donald J Trump has won the US Presidential Election against remarkable odds. With the collusion of mainstream media in full stream in propaganda support for Hillary Clinton, the establishment neo-con #nevertrumpers, and disgusted global elite, Trump successfully bypassed their collective assaults with a powerful movement greater than Trump’s Presidential campaign.

Presidential Republican Nominee Donald J Trump  became the projected victor early Wednesday by Associated Press and television networks after Wisconsin delivered the 270 Electoral College votes needed for Donald to become President-Elect.

People who support Trump want an America where freedom, independence, and justice is established once again. As Trump has declared, “Americanism not Globalism will be our Credo!”

Throughout his Presidential campaign Trump has perpetuated a message that Hillary is Corrupt. On the campaign trail Trump was relentless in exposing Clinton’s mishandling of classified information, collusion with the establishment, and Pay-for-Play Politics though the Clinton Foundation, and participation in the destabilizing the middle east through aggressive policies as US Secretary of State.

Beyond the two party narrative during this election season just behind the veil of political explanations the ideologies of Nationalism vs. Globalism seems to be a conflicting design that is being contested worldwide. In regards to the United States the narrative of globalization is supported by public comments and documents that emerged in the forefront of this election season that suggest through networking of treaties that multi-international corporations desire to hijack the national sovereignty of the United States, and wider forced globalized NWO agendas. The often defined NWO (New World Order) agenda framework initiates forced globalization that establishes a centralized government that is led by unelected officials.

The mini model of developing a nationless borderless region with limited democracy or liberty can be seen in the EU (European Union) governmental model. Britain recently voted to exit the EU through an initiative called, Brexit to regain back their countries sovereignty and independence. The EU is far from a democracy as it is led at its highest levels by an unelected council that establishes EU foreign and domestic policies. Many compared the present US election to Britain’s Brexit declaration with American’s casting a vote to promote policies towards preserving American national interests. 

As the Republican nominee Trump told supporters that the election is “gonna be Brexit plus, plus, plus”, adding: “It’s going to be amazing.

“We’re going to drain the swamp.

Despite the amazement and horror of the establishment media, political pundits, celebrity anit-trump plugs, and disgruntled politicians Trump continued to rally a movement of support. Whether people disliked or favored Trump as a Presidential candidate his campaign message of “Make American Great Again” resonated with people on a very large scale. With the degree of support Trump propelled as the victor on Election Day winning by large margins in Key States.

Now with and Election win Donald J. Trump will take the helm of the Republic starting as the most populists Republican President since Ronald Reagan. Donald J. Trump is set to be the next 45th President of the United States of America. Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States  January 20th, 2017. We shall see if the Trump campaign contract with the American People are kept and whether Trump performs successfully as the US President. We will be watching. The clock starts now…



Published by Naomi S. Gobern