The Emergency Please, an alt rock trio hailing from Southampton, have been around for about 5 months and already boast a Facebook fanbase of over 1,000. We caught up with the boys after their most recent tour and member re-shuffle.

Current line up:

Karan Master 24 – Guitar & Vocals

Mike Hartley 23 – Bass

Milan Paloyannidis 24 – Drums & Backing Vocals

So, why the line up change?

Karan: We’ve had a change from the original line up because of members going to uni and having full time jobs. The current line up is only a month old.

How did you meet and start playing together?

Karan: I’m originally from South London, I moved down here with my old band. Mike and I met at a jam night in town and talked about starting a band. Mike and Milan grew up together in Southampton. Mike introduced me to Milan and we found out we had the same birthday and then he pretty much lived at my house for a week.

What’s your dynamic like as a band?

Mike: The dynamic is pretty cool. We work well as a team, Karan brings some ideas to the table and we all sit down and figure out the arrangements and find what works best for the songs. It’s a lot of fun writing music with these guys.

Milan: We have a great balance between personalities which really helps the feel of the music.

How does that change when you tour?

Milan: It doesn’t really change much because the balance is great. The balance keeps us from biting each others heads off!

emergency-please-2What do you like to do when you’re not practicing/playing?

Mike: I’m a big foodie so I love to cook and try new restaurants and I’m a film fanatic, particularly sic fi and fantasy, nerdier the better.

Milan: I like to write. It’s a nice way to keep my creative flow going when I’m not playing my instrument.

Karan:  I also enjoy my nerdy shit too. I’m a massive Flash fan. Love the fact that he’s just a nerdy kid that gets struck by lightning and then gets ripped and becomes a badass…that’s the dream!

Tell us a little about the writing process?

Milan: It’s very comfortable and easy as Karan bring the main structure to the table, and myself and Mike tidy it up.

Karan: I have a lot of ideas and try and write them down or record them. Have hundreds of notes on my phone of lyrics and recordings of ideas. I pick the ones that feel right and show them to guys and we keep at it till we’re happy. It’s pretty much my obsession. I’m that guy that will pull over while driving to hum a vocal line into his phone.

What inspires your music the most?

Karan: I usually write about personal life events or just things that amuse me. We’ve got a live video coming out for a new song called “Do your racist friends like my band though?” As well as that just other music inspires me. I get very excited about little things like a particular guitar tone in a song or set of chords and just love going with that vibe and seeing what I can come up with.

How did you learn to play your instruments?

Karan: My Dad bought this £10 acoustic at a car boot sale and tried to get to my to play it. To be honest I wasn’t that keen at first but then I started to get more into it. After I got my first electric, I was just hooked.

Milan: I had no other skills and failed terribly at everything else. Then I found out that I enjoy hitting things.

What are the hopes for the future?

Mike: Our aim is to be signed to a decent label we like and tour the world playing music that we love.

Karan: Definitely! We love the sound we currently have and want to expand on that and get it out there.

Thanks for the chat, guy! Where can we find your music?

Karan: You can find some stuff on our Facebook or SoundCloud. We also have a Youtube channel with a few videos.

Published by Lois Shearing