I’m Tris-Kathryn, I’m 22 from the United Kingdom and I’m a massive Star Trek fan. I have my own Star Trek: Voyager Facebook page called Star Trek: Voyager – Fandom and I met Garrett Wang who played Ensign Harry Kim from Star Trek: Voyager. Sweetest guy ever!

I have Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder and I have suffered with Depression for 6 years and I’m also a suicide survivor. I only found out this year that I have traits of Borderline Personality Disorder and was told that I should hopefully be in therapy by November/December time.

I was given the chance to start blogging on My Trending Stories and I'm so happy and I can't wait to write more blogs and let you see the real me.

I used to be a Care Assistant last year but lost my job after moving to Manchester to live with an Ex  partner and then I lost my job and my relationship turned emotionally abusive and now I’m trying to get back on my feet one step at a time..And you’re all here to see that through with me.

You can also see my other blog here: https://triskathryn94.wordpress.com/

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