Hey everyone ! I just recently join mytrendingstories.com and I am very exited to write here ! 

well at first , let me introduce my self. My name is Eugenia Cindy Carolina and most of people called me Yujin, a much simple version of Eugenia. I was bon in Jakarta the Capital City of Indonesia on 29th August 1995. 

What about me ? well I am a dreamer, I have a blog name VOYAGE because I like to wonder and seeks new things. Not through traveling around the world but also through dreams and big visions ahead especially for my country Indonesia. 

In this page of mine I'm going to share my thought , experience and story . I would also love to hear your thought, so don't hesitate to leave the comments bellow and I really hope you would enjoy my stories. 

Best Regards ,

Eugenia Cindy Carolina

Contact me :

mail : maileugeniacindy@gmail.com

Twitter,IG,Snapchat : @yujin2908

Ask.fm : @yujin.cindy  

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