You know that girl in your class who’s really quiet and you’ve barely seen her talk, she’s an introvert. She is not shy or maybe she is a little. She never initiates a conversation, until there is an extreme need to and then she goes over every word a thousand times before it is out of her mouth. But when she speaks every body stops and listens closely to every word she says.She indulges herself in a book to avoid unnecessary contact or vanishes into another world in her mind. Her mind is filled with stories she creates and her diary is full of words she wants to say.  Whenever she goes out into the public she puts her head down to avoid eye contact yet walks like a queen. She has no best friend because she has trust issues, because she has trusted in the past and it was broken cruelly. But she is the best friend you’ll ever have. She has deep secrets which she hides beneath her flawless skin and her mesmerizing smile. Of course she is pretty, she might even be the most beautiful person at your college. She notices when you stare at her and she might even know that you’re crushing on her. Not that somebody told her, she is just too observant. She may be quiet, but she notices people from afar. She listens to conversations with more concentration than the one you’re talking to.She understands deeply. She feels deeply. She cares deeply. She looks into your eyes and notices the pain. She can tell whether you are happy or you’re just faking it. She wants to be the sponge to other people’s pain, she wants to absorb it in and see them really happy. She has problems too that she’ll never tell anyone because she thinks there’s already too much pain in the world and the least she can do is keep her burden to herself.  Sometimes  when it’s too much to hold, she sheds it all on the pillow in tears and then rises in the morning with her beautiful smile and puts on her confident face again. She really wants to be friends with you but her anxiety won’t cooperate and her mind keeps reminding of the 1000 reasons that it could go wrong. She is just too afraid to initiate, so just free her from her misery and initiate things yourself. But remember to handle her with care and affection, for she is too sensitive on the inside and the best person you can ever find. Even if you break her, she won’t ever complain. All she needs is just someone to love her with all their heart and deserves to be genuinely happy. So love her with all her imperfections, make her the happiest person and keep her fragile soul away from pain. People like her are just too rare, they’re the confident ones who’d walk like they’ll break the ground and every body stares like they just found a diamond, but they’ll be the ones who struggle every morning getting out in the public, interacting with people they’re not yet comfortable with. They are the people facing their fears and fighting their demons. They are the ones to be loved truly and genuinely. They are to be taken care of, for they’re the ones that suffer in silence.

Published by Sumal Jamil