The thing I am seeing every single day will always eat my mind...but again..., when I was busting my ass in gym, I looked around me for a second or two, when I had a break, a lot of people were staring to their phones, even people in the mall, behind the see-through gym walls, were walking and staring into their phones instead of their eyes.

I am guilty of it sometimes as well, but for some time by now, I am trying to reduce my time on phone or staring to some social media or whatever. Sadly, as a young person- still struggling with it.
You know, as a blogger/writer I can say, that social media are something really important for us. It's our "natural environment"...well sometimes I tend to think- unfortunately. This century requires technology more and more every single day. Among other things, Youtubers are having a job, photographers are having a job (as well as on other spheres), artists, singers, producers, ...and I can go on and on. Honestly,Internet just took over the power over our lives.

But do you remember the times when we weren't addicted to the social media and Internet, when we had time to look around us, when we accidentally didn't trip on the stairs because we were staring into our phones? Do you remember when those times were enough?

When we met our friends in town, had such a great time and it was freaking enough? Those times when we were just together, celebrated friendship in the best way possible with couple beers and that mattered the most? We didn't really need a photographical proof of the hour or two we spent in some random bar.

Do you even remember when conversation was enough? Imagine someone sitting in the bar, being actually outside with friend or two and the person is staring into the phone because there is a freaking urgency to text other 5 friends about something...Those people are not even sitting in front of you and you are giving them even more attention than to people who are actually staring at you with a question mark in their eyes. They came to see you, appreciate it a little.

Oh, it was such a nice time when a simple enjoying of the moment ( The Heat of the Moment ) was enough. When we simply sat outside, in the nature or in some park and didn't feel the necessity to take a picture of everything (because we didn't really have phones back the, duh!), Snap everything, record everything, edit it all, add two or three filters for it, crop, and post post post post till our thumbs won't be all red and all of the people will see the wonderful moment that you just went through without you even noticing. Tell 'em.

I am so disappointed that not even a silence is good enough nowadays. I am a very big fan of silence from time to time. Most of the times, when I am in nature, I guess. That one fills me with joy, right away. But today? The silence is filled up with beeping phones because some new notification is here and ready to be opened and poor silence is just left out from the program for being too loud now. Well well well...

Then switching point to more verbal things to be- the times when  "thank you" was enough. When we didn't really have to post it on social media to see all the comments because we need to show other 54265 people that we are graceful for something that maybe was supposed to stay in our minds hidden in front of the world? Just maybe? So inspiring *sarcastic clapping sound*

And you still remember when a simple sentence "I like you" was still enough to make your day (or make your whole week maybe?)? Now, all the strangers going through our pictures, scrolling and scrolling and the "thumbs up of appreciation" and they don't even know what we are like. "Hmmm".

My personal final lap in this one- those times when a simple "I want you" just melted your heart and you couldn't stand on your feet because suddenly they were weak af? Enough? Ahh hell, we didn't worry abut texting back, filling up the gaps between the messages with worrying about the time between one and another message.
We wanted to be wanted and that counts even now - all the people want to be wanted and we want the particular person want us even more.

Nowadays, people are still waiting for those three little words, they want to hear out loud. But then they realize that it's nothing- because they actually need to see it, words are suddenly not enough...oh?

Do you fucking remember when "I love you" was enough?!


Published by Nina S