I think that if you want someone, you should be able to say it and act on it. Love is supposed to be cute. It’s meant to be cliche, you’re meant to miss them until your bones ache, you’re meant to run out of words to describe how they make you feel, that’s love; handwritten letters and notes on lunch bags. Love is staying up to think about, well, love.

Words, feelings, butterflies, people — you invest in them. For the thrill of it, for fun, goddamn it, you need to invest.

I’ve learned about destruction and breaking, I’ve heard bad things about falling but I still believe in love, in investing; because how would I find love if I don’t look for it? Or at least try to look for it?

Anyone could be love. That guy at the bus stop this morning, the girl with a bright pink hairpiece you saw on your drive home, love has no specific name or gender or face, anyone could be love. Believe in love, invest in it.

Published by Wreyn Delos Angeles