Traditional braces generally use metal wires with the aim of getting the perfect positioning of misaligned teeth. But certain people are skeptical about the touch of metal to their teeth as it causes irritation to them. In addition to that, they do not want anyone they know to know that they are wearing braces. Hence invisalign makes it a better option to them in social scenarios. The invisalign in Orange County is ideal for them. These are 3D printed customized devices that are to be worn by patients around the clock making sure a change out takes place every two to three weeks.

There has been much hype regarding the invisalign treatment in many countries since its launch, but it has particularly gained mileage over the last year or so. It took some time for patients to accept this as a viable solution to their ailment because in healthcare it is really hard to convince patients to adopt new methods when old methods have worked well for quite a considerable period, even with the drawbacks. Some of the people who are orthodox by nature are hard to convince as they do not trust that this new method is a better method in providing the same solution at the same cost or sometimes it may even cost lesser.

Invisalign has great benefits but they also have certain disadvantages. It must be taken off while washing the insides of the mouth or drinking as there is a possibility of the liquid getting into it. The patient must brush their teeth with the invisalign on to avoid staining on the same. Invisalign are a no go for patients with certain conditions. People with back tooth bite issues will not have the same effectiveness as front tooth ones. It has limited affectivity when it comes to the correction of premolar or canine teeth. In addition to that, the need to move teeth vertically falls into that category of less effectiveness. Although orthodontists prescribe wearing them more the majority part of the day, but different people have different disciplinary tendencies. So those are of undisciplined nature will not be able to keep wearing them for longer durations and hence will not be as effective.

However, these require some retention therapy so that the teeth do not make it back to their pre-treatment positions. Hence the patient wearing them are advised to get them monitored at least once in a week or two. This is generally advised for esthetic purposes more than for corrective therapy. That is why people with complex dental problems still prefer braces over invisalign. Dental braces have brackets that run along a wire. An orthodontist or a trained dental professional fix the braces on to the teeth whereas invisalign can be worn by the patient himself or herself.

Published by Calida Jenkins