Who’s on first?  What’s on Second?  Only a fool tries to predict what Presidential elect will come out on top in the Iowa caucuses.  It’s more than a matter of semantics – Iowans are notorious for flip flopping at the last minute when they go to the polls.  Some little thing may change their mind at the last minute as they meet one more time with their leader at the polls. 

They aren’t just fact finders – they are soul searchers.  They want to know who can do the job, who they can trust and who is a true outsider and not a sneaky insider (a wolf in sheep’s clothing.) 

The Iowans aren’t just your run of the mill American voters. They have been saturated with idle promises and guarantees by the inside politicians for so long and they’re angry, scared and afraid that the legacy our Nation hands over to the next generation will be a disastrous one. They’re worried about their children’s future.  Their connotation of an”insider” probably is “one who lies every time they open their mouth.” 

The word “insider” is a red flag to them and those candidates who are insiders better figure out how to escape this albatross that is etched on their forehead.  Telling them you are or were a great Governor from Ohio, Florida and Arkansas isn’t a great way to win their votes. They are interested if you support gay marriage, abortion and the Constitution. 

But, what is of most concern to them in 2016 is keeping our Country safe, turning our stagnant economy around, balancing the budget, securing the borders, strengthening our Military and the 2nd Amendment.

We have some great Presidential candidates - each one of them is fighting for the winning position.  They’re campaigning as we speak and will continue up until the voting starts at the polls.  At that time they will settle into their campaign stations hoping that they will have the same success that Santorum and Huckabee had a few years back.  Both of these men came from behind, dark horses who surprised our Nation by winning the Iowa Caucus.   

The countdown has started may God Bless each of these men/woman who have fought the good fight.  Actually they want to take back our Country, make our Nation safe, secure our borders, annihilate ISIS, reduce the National debt and strengthen our Military.  The question is this, which one can take the job as Commander in Chief and actually lead our Nation out of the abyss or bottomless pit?

Although many believe the top three are Trump, Cruz and Rubio – there just might be a dark horse in this race that has been overlooked. 


As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood